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Class of '69, 45th Reunion

Wine-Tasting Morning After Report

Updated June 7, 2014

We are sending out this message to recognize  the donors who made the Wine Tasting event such a great success.  In the end, we had 22  Classmates contribute 223 bottles of wine.  We would like to offer our thanks to:
·         John Balkcom
·         Thacher Brown
·         Bill Charrier
·         Tom Cooper
·         Don Dixon
·         Hank Dudley
·         Bill Earle
·         David Fisher/Professor Mike Jennings and the Princeton Alumni Association  of Germany
·         Randy Hack
·         Peter Hooper
·         Curt Kehr
·         Rick Kitto
·         Jim Kuzmick
·         Jeff Marston
·         Sheldon Reaven
·         Leonard Schaeffer
·         Fred Shearer
·         Lynn Shostack
·         Hayden Smith
·         Jeff von Arx
·         Dick Bott & Wayne Wilson
Of this list, we would like to single out Messrs Balkcom, Charrier, Hack and  Schaeffer for making the ultimate sacrifice: they contributed wine even though they were unable to attend the event.
We were blessed with a beautiful evening and Rick Kitto and Dan Harman did a masterful job in arranging the Frist South lawn site for our event.  Classmates and guests had the opportunity to try whites, rosés, reds and sparkling wines from the US, France, Germany, Italy, Austria and Australia.  It was fun to see people enthusiastically make a great wine find and quickly alert their roommates and friends. We used the donated wines not only for the tasting/cocktails but also for the Friday evening dinner; we still had enough left over to have special wines available at the main tent Saturday night.
Without going too far out on a limb, we suspect that there will be another Wine Tasting at our 50th in 2019!  So, keep your eyes open for great wines and put a case away for ’69.
Dick Bott, Wayne Wilson & Julie Belott
Co-chairs, Wine Tasting Event

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