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Class of 1969 Scholarship Fund


The Class of 1969 Scholarship was established in 1981, initially under the administration of the Class. By 2004, under X Shannon’s able management, it had grown to an endowment of about $100,000. Once the Fund reached that important milestone, the decision was made to shift financial management responsibility to the University in order to get access to the diversification and non-public investments offered though participation in its Common Fund. The growth of the Scholarship Fund indeed benefitted from the Fund’s strong long-term record and has continued to be supplemented by annual gifts from generous classmates. Today the endowment stands at about $170,000 and provides approximately $8,000 per year in scholarship stipends.

Since 1981 the scholarship has been awarded 39 times to 14 students, many of whom have held it for several of their undergraduate years. The intent of the Class, as reflected in the gift agreement with the University, is that the scholarship be awarded whenever possible to a deserving son or daughter of ’69. Of the 14 students who have benefitted from the scholarship, 8 of them are children of classmates, including the present recipient, Henry L. Moss, III ’13.

Several years ago, Princeton adopted a need-blind admissions policy and eliminated student loans as a part of its financial aid program. To see how this important Class initiative fits into the overall picture click here.

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