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Class Paraphernalia

Class of '69 Emporium is CLOSED for inventory


Please do not make any orders at this time.

Your one-stop shopping site for all things '69

Here you will find all the paraphernalia that we have used for Reunions, events, and just plain class identity.  The items are listed alphabetically by item type, from bandanas to vests, along with the reunion at which they were introduced.  To purchase, simply click on an item to see its full specifications and to add it to your shopping cart.  Some items are nearly sold out, so check available sizes in the full specifications.  You'll be able to adjust quantities within the shopping cart at any time.  When you're done, simply check out, and you'll be transferred to a PayPal screen for payment processing.

Please note: our default delivery method is pick-up at Reunions or directly from Bill and Anne Charrier in Princeton with prior coordination (click here to email our Emporium chair).  To have your purchase shipped to you, please select the item "Shipping and Handling” at the top of the catalog and add to your cart.


Shipping suspended now through Reunions Weekend.  Please pick up all merchandise when you check in for our 50th Reunion.

Shipping and Handling




Class Uniform items -- Available ONLY via the Registration process

Blazer, Class Cloth, 25th Reunion
OUT OF STOCK! The Class Blazer that always gets noticed! Blazers are custom-ordered only during EARLY pre-registration for Major Reunions -- 50th in 2019 is the next! (Emporium blazers, when available, are left-overs from previous Reunions.)
Vest, class cloth, 25th Reunion
ONLY TWO LEFT - One Women's size 4R and one Men's Small. Vests are custom-ordered only during EARLY pre-registration for Major Reunions: our 50th Reunion in 2019 is the next! (Emporium vests, when available, are left-overs from previous Reunions.)
50th Reunion Baseball Cap
NEW, for pickup at Reunions only: our 50th Reunion Baseball cap. A great gift or keepsake for our ONLY 50th!
Kids 50th Ballcap
BRAND NEW! Our 50th Reunion Baseball Cap in KIDS' size. Grab some for your grandchildren and their friends.

Class Paraphernalia from previous Reunions.  Grab yours before it all disappears!

Ballcap, Dancin' in the Street, 45th Reunion
ONLY 6 LEFT! Latest edition of '69's incredibly cool cap
Ballcap, Magical Mystery Tour, 40th Reunion
ONLY 2 LEFT! This cap sports the Magical Mystery Tour logo on the front
Bandana, Guitar & Dove, 35th Reunion
3 Days of Peace and Music -- ONLY FOUR left!
Belt Buckle, Yin-Yang, 35th Reunion
Amazing '69 Belt Buckle for all occasions!
Blazer Button Set, 35th Reunion
Set of Yin-Yang blazer buttons, 3 front and 8 sleeve (plus spares). Add a spark to any blazer!
Blazer Patch, 35th Reunion
ONLY TWO LEFT! Gold-embroidered Class of '69 tribute to University logo for your blazer breast pocket. Removable, using 3 tie-tack style pins.
Mug, Dancin' in the Street, 45th Reunion
Set your feet tappin' with your mornin' brew!
Mug, Magical Mystery Tour, 40th Reunion
Make a magical start to the day!
Mug, Guitar & Dove, 35th Reunion
ONLY ONE LEFT! Peace and Love with your herb tea (or whatever, man!)
Polo Shirt Dancin' in the Street, 45th Reunion
Adult polo shirt (orange) with 45th slogan over the Class Yin-Yang (only FIVE left, all Adult Large)
Polo Shirt, Magical Mystery Tour, 40th Reunion
Adult polo shirt (black) with Magical Mystery Tour logo. Only a few left in each size.
Polo Shirt, Spirit of '69, 15th Reunion
Adult polo shirt (orange) with Greek Boatman logo. Only NINE left (size Medium only).
Sunglasses, Reprise of 25th for 45th Reunion
The popular Yin-Yang lenses revisited - tres chic!
Sunhat, 45th Reunion
Personal shade, with in-Yang logo -- light-weight and packable! Only TEN remaining.
Tie, Four-in-Hand, Silk, 35th Reunion
Diagonal Yin-Yang rows on black -- Perfect companion to Class Blazer!
Tie, Lazy Yin-Yang, Polyester, 25th Reunion
The Yin-Yang lies sideways on this Class Favorite!
T-shirt, Dancin' in the Street, 45th Reunion
This "hot-summer" shirt shows nicely worn under the Class Vest -- with a "memory billboard" of 45th Reunion music on the back.
T-Shirt, Magical Mystery Tour, 40th Reunion
Theme logo center front shows under the unbuttoned Class Vest -- with large Yin-Yang and song list on the back
T-Shirt, Long Strange Trip, 25th Reunion
ONLY THREE LEFT - NOTE THE SIZES! Large Yin-Yang with "Truckin' Tigers". Sizes: Youth M (1); Adult XXL (2)
T-shirt, YOUTH, Tiger on the Moon, 20th Reunion
ONLY 3 left -- size Med




Below -- Freebee's:  No cost, but available only as pick-up at Reunions OR as part of a larger order.

25th Reunion Badge
In case you lost yours, now's your chance to add our 25th badge to your collection.
40th Reunion Badge
Another badge from the past, to round out your collection.
40th Reunion DVD
This multi-media DVD is one of a kind!
40th Reunion Magic Wand
How could there be a Magical Mystery Tour without a wand? Only TWO left.
40th Reunion Rollabama
Remember this handy toy? Only SIX left!
40th Reunion Grocery Bag, Yin-Yang Logo
FREE while they last!
45th Reunion Badge
Here's the one to complete your collection of Major Reunion badges.
45th Reunion Grocery Bag, Dancin' in the Street
FREE - and roomy!
Class Logo Water-based Tattoo
Great for the grandchildren. About 1.5 inches diameter.
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