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Constitution of Princeton University Class of 1969


     All individuals who are listed officially by Princeton University as being in the Class of 1969 shall be Members of the Class, together with such honorary members as may be elected by the voted of a majority of the Steering Committee.


A. The Elected Officers of the Class shall be

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

B. The Appointed Officers of the Class, appointed by the President, shall be­

  • At-Large Vice President(s)
  • Executive Vice President
  • Regional Vice Presidents
  • Class Agent
  • Special Gifts Chair
  • Reunion Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Class Associate Chair
  • Class Historian

     All Elected Officers shall serve for a term of five years beginning after election results are announced at the Class meeting on Major Reunions weekend. Appointed Officers shall serve a term coincident with the term of the President making the appointment. Appointed Officers may be reappointed for successive terms.

C. There shall be a Steering Committee which shall consist of the Elected Officers and the Appointed Officers of the Class.

D. There shall be a Class Board of Governors which shall consist of members of the Class who indicate to the President their desire to become a member of the Board of Governors. The President shall periodically name new members of the Board of Governors at meetings of the Steering Committee, such new members subject to the approval of the Steering Committee. Members of the Board of Governors shall serve terms coincident with the term of each President. Terms of members of the Board of Governors may be renewed.


     The duties and powers of the officers shall be as follows, namely:

A. In general, as to all officers

1) To be a member of the Steering Committee.

2) To represent the Class on appropriate occasions.

3) To perform all the duties attendant to each such office respectively, whether or not specifically set forth in the Constitution.

B. President

1) To preside at all class meetings and meetings of the Steering Committee.

2) To give such authorizations and approvals and make such determinations as are provided in the Constitution.

3) To provide for and supervise the preparation, distribution and counting of ballots for all elections.

C. Executive Vice President

1) To act in the place of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President.

2) To perform such other duties as may be delegated to the Executive Vice President.

D. At-Large Vice Presidents

To perform such duties as may be delegated to them.

E. Regional Vice Presidents

1) To coordinate activities in their regions.

2) To perform such other duties as may be delegated to them.

F. Secretary

1) To keep or supervise all non-financial records of the Class and to oversee the transfer of records between successive officers.

2) To provide regular Class notes for the Princeton Alumni Weekly and send out such newsletters or other Class communications as may be appropriate.

3) To keep the minutes of all meetings of the Class and of the Steering Committee.

G. Treasurer

1) To be responsible for all general Class assets.

2) To raise necessary Class funds by dues or by other means.

3) To pay all bills of the Class and to make provision for bank accounts as determined by the elected officers of the Class.

4) To render detailed financial reports to the Steering Committee as required by such committee and to the Alumni Council as required.

5) To deposit with or without interest and to invest and reinvest the assets of the Class in any investment or reinvestment which shall be first approved by the Steering Committee and subject to the continuing review of the President.

6) To prepare and file such annual or other reports as are required by Princeton University for its IRS Form 990 filing.

H. Class Governors

1) To participate as active members of the Board of Governors.

2) To perform such other duties as may be delegated to them, or as requested by the President or the Class Steering Committee.

I. The Class Agent

1) To manage and direct raising of funds for Annual Giving, of keeping records of the Class in connection therewith and,

2) In consultation with the President, to appoint a Special Gifts Chair for major Reunions.

J. Reunion Chair

General charge of all Class Reunions, including raising of necessary funds, subject to continuing review of the President.

K. Communications Chair

1) To maintain, revise, keep current and otherwise maintain the Class Website.

2) To create and manage regular and innovative communications with class members.

L. Class Associates Chair

To be responsible for managing communications with and programs for widows of classmates.


A. The annual meeting of the members of the Class shall be during Reunions weekend or at such other time during the year as the Steering Committee may designate. The members present at such annual meetings shall constitute a quorum.

B. The Steering Committee shall meet at least twice a year, once during Reunions weekend in connection with the annual meeting of the Class and on at least one other occasion during the academic year.

C. The President, in consultation with the Executive Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, may call additional Steering Committee or Class meetings during the year, as necessary or advisable. The President shall call such meetings by giving not less than two days’ written or electronic notice to all members of the Steering Committee. Attendance may be in person, by telephone, or by other appropriate means designated by the President.


A. At least five months in advance of each election the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee of at least five members, of which the President shall be an ex-officio member and Chairman.

B. Membership on the Committee shall not disqualify a member of the Class from nomination for any office.

C. No member of the Committee may vote on the nominations for any office for which that member is a candidate for nomination.

D. Any member of the Class may suggest candidates for any office to the Nominating Committee. No member may be nominated by the Committee for any office by less than a majority vote of those members of the Committee present and voting: if two or more leading candidates for nominations receive an equal number of votes of the Committee, each of them shall be deemed nominated.

E. Any member of the Class who is not nominated by the Nominating Committee may submit a petition endorsed by three percent (3%) of the members of the Class to the President. In the event that a valid petition is submitted, the Steering Committee shall arrange for voting in accordance with Article VI.B.2.


A. Elections for all officers shall take place in connection with each major Reunion, and officers elected shall hold office until the election­ and qualification of their successors, or until appointment in accordance with Article VII.

B. Procedure for Elections

1) A slate of candidates shall be provided by the President to all active members of the Class by mail or email at least one month prior to the Reunions. The election shall take place at the annual meeting of the Class.

2) The Steering Committee may, pursuant to article V.E. or in its discretion, provide for election by electronic and/or mailed ballot. In such event, the Steering Committee shall adopt procedures that are fair and timely in the interest of the Class and for all candidates.

C. There shall be no electioneering.

D. Appointment of the Executive Vice President and the Class Vice Presidents may, upon determination of the Steering Committee, be made up to six months following a major Reunion through a separate vote at a meeting of the Steering Committee.


A. The President shall name all appointed officers, subject to the approval by 51% of the members of the Steering Committee voting.

B. Vacancies in elected or appointed offices shall also be filled in accordance with Article VII(A) for the remainder of the term of the vacancy being filled.


A. Officers may resign by submitting a letter to the President or the Steering Committee.

B. Officers may be removed from office with the approval of at least three-quarters of the Steering Committee.


A. Proposal: Amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall be proposed only in the following ways­:

1) To the Secretary by a two-thirds vote of the Steering Committee; or

2) To the Secretary by twenty or more members of the Class.

B. Adoption: Proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Class by mail and/or email at least one month prior to a date chosen for the voting, or one month prior to a Class meeting, with the recommendation of the incumbent Steering Committee pro or con, and shall be adopted by a majority vote of the Class members responding.


The Constitution shall become effective immediately upon its adoption during Reunions 2009.

Adopted May 30, 2009

__________________________________    __________________________________

Richard H. Bott, President                            Paul G. Sittenfeld, Secretary

ND: 4829-1058-3555, Ver 1

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