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Class of 1969 PAW Notes for 2013-2014

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May 14, 2014

Martine and Peter Halban oversee what is described as "England’s most cosmopolitan and finely curated Jewish and Middle Eastern-themed literary press.” The press, recently celebrating its 25th anniversary, is wonderfully intertwined with both the personal stories
and illustrious European-Jewish parentage of its founders.

Warren Friedman has been selected to be a fellow of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. He and his wife, Diane Stolz, live on Capitol Hill in DC, where he is a senior adviser at HUD, informing housing policy with the results of scientific research on making homes healthier.

Susan and Gair Betts have been married for 40 years and have four children, two grandchildren, and another on the way to show for it. Gair is still a senior partner in his law firm in Riverhead, N.Y., and, like so many of us, notes that "time has passed quickly.”

Jim Gregoire ’s Appalachian Trail hike recently afforded him the opportunity to
catch up with classmates along his way from Florida to Maine. In Florida he saw Jay Wilson, Hal Hoeland, Randy Hack, and Joe Marshall.

Randy Shepard is chairing the American Bar Association’s Task Force on the Future of Legal Education. Among other recommendations, the task force suggests that "law schools as a rule are too expensive, too much alike, and too focused on doctrinal instruction to provide enough of the kind of practical skills training today’s new lawyers need.” Randy, retired chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, observes, "Respectable task forces go out and try to get their ideas implemented. And that’s what we intend to spend the rest of our time doing.”

LAST CHANCE: All roads lead to Princeton for our 45th reunion. Festivities begin Thursday, May 29, and extend to Sunday morning, June 1. Please join us. Tiger, Tiger, Tiger . . .

April 23, 2014

We are more than proud that the Princeton Club of Chicago celebrated our own Marion Sleet with its Distinguished Service to the Community Award. A splendid dinner took place March 19 and recognized Marion’s lifetime of personal and professional service, which he has shared not only with his community but also with Camille and their sons, Brian and Michael. Marion will honor us by sharing his splendid voice in song at our Reunions class memorial service in the Chapel on Saturday, May 31.

It was a gathering of ’69ers who live or vacation in Vero Beach on Feb. 22. Attending were Frank Shannon, Hal Hoeland, Joe Marshall, and Jeff Caso. Absent were Randy Hack, Jerry Babicka, and Peter Garber, who were penalized by being elected president, vice president, and treasurer by the quorum present!

Colder climes attracted Bob Raymar, Mary and Tom Cooper, Bob Herbst, and Pam and Jack Meyerson. The Meyersons masterminded ski time centered around Snowmass and Aspen. Least-desired souvenir went to Tom, who was accompanied home to California by a busted shoulder.

All roads lead to our 45th reunion. Questions go to Chief Ringmaster Dan Harman at dhnassau@gmail.com. See you there.

April 2, 2014

Alumni Day on campus was filled with sunshine. Bob Raymar represented our class at the Service of Remembrance. At the class dinner, a marvelously surprised Anne Charrier was selected as an honorary classmate — much-deserved recognition of remarkable class service. Marc Miller detailed the range of things Anne has done and continues to do with and for us. She is a grand addition to our ranks. A group of more than 60 gathered and enjoyed and appreciated Barry Miles’ piano playing, which punctuated the evening splendidly.

Robin and Rich Edwards welcomed Old Nassau-bedecked Samuel recently, son of their Michael ’01. Big sister Winnie is around to help!

Our sympathy to Roddy Nierenberg on the loss of his wife, Deborah Hoffman, a distinguished harpist.

Still more classmates signed on for Reunions, including: Tim Barner, Stan Bienus, Ace Brenneman, Ron Chin, Tom Cooper, Dan Danser, John Dorfman, Gene Gulland, John Hanks, Doug Hensler, Ron Hockett, George Hritz, David Johnson, Jim Koloski, Niel Lewis, Fred Makrauer, Jack McCarthy, Marc Miller, Bill Pape, David Pensak, Rich Rein, Rick Ress, Dave Rothenberger, Jim Slater, Mike Smith, Allan Stitzer, John Stossel, Peter Van Wagenen, Jim Waterbury, and Frank Wilson. Add your name to the list and share a 45th that promises to be special. We’re not older, just better!

March 19, 2014

Jay Swigart, Hal Hoeland, and Joe Marshall are smiling together at Joe’s Vero Beach, Fla., home.

Bob Herbst, while still more than fully engaged professionally, has completed his service as independent counsel to the Special Court of Sierra Leone.

Dave Gilbert continues his Seattle medical practice part time while deriving great pleasure from his two local grandchildren. The other four grandchildren are divided among Portland, Maine, and Dubai. He also recently released his second CD of original jazz/pop-piano compositions and received rave reviews.

In the same city, Bob Andre continues his law practice. Son Jason is following his dad’s professional lead while daughter Katie is a Seattle police officer. Wife Nell is pursuing naturopathic healing to help address her Parkinson’s. In the same profession, Joe Field, now of counsel, continues "lawyering away.” Son Matthew ’08 is an online executive and Charlie (Yale ’13) is with Morgan Stanley. Best of all, Joe plans on attending the 45th.

More signing on for Reunions: Bob Andre, Drew Arena’s Elise, Chris Milton, Bruce MacDonald, Blair Labatt, Jeremy Hubball, Peter Hooper, Ron Hockett, John Hanks, Steve Figlewski, Frank Comacho, Harry Volz, George Stern, Frank Shannon, Rick Railsback, Ron Prusek, Jesse Okie, and Steve Lindo.

Sad to share word of the Jan. 18 loss of Craig Chapman in Columbus, Ohio; the Feb. 8 death of Jim Wright in Toronto; and the Feb. 18 death of Jim Johnson in Florida.

March 5, 2014

A warm welcome to a new member of our class family: Ed Brann brings his partner of 26 years, Rick Mixon. They were married this past summer in Nantucket and are long-time Atlantans.

Thanks to Brooke Stoddard for taking on the role of class secretary for his late father’s Class of ’37. A distinguished class merits a distinguished scribe, and it got one.

Loads more have signed on for the 45th: Don Adams, Bob Axelrod, Bob Bank, Bill Benjamin, Dick Boenning, Dennis Bonebreak, George Boomer, Dick Bott, Andy Brown, Bison Brown, Bob Brown, John Burgess, Jeff Caso, George Chester, George Conbeer, George Cowen, Don Cowles, Rick Darby, Paul Davids, Steve Deupree, Don Dixon, John Draper, Bob Durkee, Bill Earle, Bruce Eckman, Rich Etlin, Randy Evans, Cam Ferenbach, Rod Ferguson, Joe Field, Jim Finefrock,Dave Fisher, Tom Fleming, Jim Floyd, Buck Foot, Claus Frank, Steve Frankel, Bruce Freeman, Jim Gaffney, Bob Gang, Mike Gehret, Robert Golenbock, Jim Gregoire, Jim Grippe, Bob Herbst, Terry Hill, Reese Horton, Steve Houck, Jackson Howe, Tom Hudnut, Chip Jerry, Russ Johnson, Jim Kalpaxis, Curt Kehr,Steve Kennedy, Rick Kitto, Earl Kivett, Scott Kruse, Jim Kuzmick, Bob Loveman, Richard Lyman, Paul Mendis, Ken Mertz, Larry Mills, Chris Milton, Denny Mulvihill, Steve Newman, Mark Olson, Al Pavilanis, Jeff Pidot, Al Piranian, Tom Pirelli, Bob Raymar, Sandy Rea, Graham Richard, Roger Schmenner, Doug Seaton, Mike Sena, Brooke Stoddard, Gary Sykes, Peter Taliaferro, John Taplin, Goose Tatum, John Tepe, Bob Thielbar, Chris Thomforde, Marty Wagner, Ross Wales, Tom Weidner, Charlie Whitehead, Al Wilensky, Tom Willemain, and Bob Wolfe.

We join together in sending sympathy and good wishes to Tom Webb who recently lost his wife, Anne. He’s hoping to be in the right spirit to join us for the 45th; we certainly hope so, too.

February 5, 2014

A HAPPY STORY. Ethel and David Fisher and Leonie and the late John Sease founded and led with great distinction for many years the Princeton Club of Germany. Our son, P.G. ’07, and I met their then-1-day-old son Eric Sease in March 1995 in Wiesbaden, Germany. We didn’t see him again until this past August when he arrived in Cincinnati to live with us for a gap year following his selection as valedictorian of his high school graduating class and before beginning college. Now, I can locomotive with great pleasure that this special young man has received acceptance, early decision, to Princeton’s Class of 2018.

Hollace and Paul Davids became grandparents Sept. 28 with the arrival of Huxley Mae Duvall. The prodigiously productive Paul has published three volumes of poetry; has a website for his art at www.pauldavids.artist.com; and continues to offer up films including The Life After Death Project; Before We Say Goodbye; Jesus in India; and The Sci-Fi Boys, which won the Saturn Award as Best DVD and is available on Netflix.

Contributions were sent during the most recent 2012-13 year remembering Jim Blackburn, Stuart Bullion, Peter Cahn, David Gardner, Deke Hall, Jim Harris, Andrew Hodyke, Graham Hunter, Pat O’Hern, John Schenk, John Slonaker, and Steve Thacker.

REUNIONS NO. 45! I feel confident warranting that you will not only engage but be engaged by talented classmates and their partners. The years since graduation have evened out egos; earned a measure of humility for each of us; and engendered a class family of which each of us can be proud to be part of. Please, please be there.

January 8, 2014

The first batch of registrants for our 45th point toward an amazing crowd. Already on the dotted line, many with spouses, partners, guests, and children are: Ray Arsenault, John Assini, Bill Baker, Rich Benson, Jay Bestmann, Kit Binns, George Boggs, Steve Boughn, Brent Brandon, Thacher Brown, Granville Burgess, Rusty Cargill, John Carter, Michael Cone, Tom Culp, Frank Dalton, Hank Dudley, Tim Ebenreiter, Chuck Freyer, Melinda Golub, Haynes Griffin, Art Hamm, George Handzo, Bill Hardy, Dan Harman, Dan Herrick, Bruce Hillman, John Hockenberry, Nick Hoff, Russ Hubenet, Bruce Jenett, and Jeff Kaplan.

Also, Mike Kiesel, Jeff Marston, Shearwood McClelland, Mike McCory, Clay McEldowney, Rick McKnight, Bob Meaney, Chris Meyer, Alan Meyers, Tim Perry, Sheldon Reaven, Bruce Rosenberg, Derek Savage, Fred Shearer, Paul Sittenfeld, Marion Sleet, Muffin Slonaker, Dave Spencer, Dick Stuart, Rob Taylor, Jeff von Arx, Marty Wagner, Wayne Wilson, and Terry Young.

The Seventh Annual "Battle of the Alumni Bands” will take place on Friday afternoon of Reunions. We want to be sure we are well represented! For details, contact Bill Webster ’73 at wgwebster@yahoo.com.

While some of us are retiring, others are taking on new responsibilities. Congratulations to Doug Hensler who has been tapped to serve as the 14th provost of the Naval Postgraduate School. An accomplished academic and global business leader, Doug comes to the Monterey, Calif., setting from Wichita State U., where he has served for the past five years as dean of its school of business.

Meanwhile, Dr. David Rothenberger has assumed the role of head of the U. of Minnesota Department of Surgery. Since 2006, he has served as chair of clinical surgical oncology. David’s credentials are endless and impressive. He must be part of the Class of 1969.

December 4, 2013

Chris and Rick Kitto boast sons Martin, Cliff, and Luke. However, this is about Luke and an extraordinary story of selfless service at the time of the Boston Marathon tragedy. "After the explosions at the finish line of the marathon and during the ensuing chaos, several officers responded quickly to assist the injured bystanders. Without regard for their own personal safety and not knowing if other devices were nearby, they assisted in rescuing, treating, evaluating, and comforting those injured by the blast.” One of the five was Luke.

Subsequently, as efforts were underway to apprehend the perpetrators: "When an officer was shot and killed while on patrol, Luke and one other responded to the crime scene to assist with the search for possible suspects. Again, without regard for personal safety, the officers encountered the suspects and one other officer was struck by a bullet. Officer Kitto immediately rendered first aid as other officers from numerous agencies responded. Officer Kitto’s conduct, while under fire, was extraordinary.” The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, in a rare event, had an awards ceremony at Faneuil Hall on Sept. 18. The authority presented three awards: the Lifesaving Medal, the Medal of Valor, and the Medal of Honor. Luke is the only one who received all three. We stand in awe.

When our indefatigable class hiker, Jim Gregoire, finished his cross-country expedition sticking his foot in the Pacific Ocean recently, a gaggle of admirers was there to cheer the toe down. In addition to Jane were: Jim’s son and daughter-in-law, Jim Jr. and Jennifer; April and Bruce DeBolt; Anne and Bill Charrier; Chris and Rick Kitto; and Bob Andre. After much reflection about this amazing odyssey, we’ve decided to take a nap.

Keep planning on the 45th!

For now, wishing you happy holidays and a New Year filled with hope.

November 13, 2013

Great stuff from Daniel Arias ’15, our Class of 1969 Scholar: "The past years have been most notable for the people that populate my days. The lectures have been thought-provoking, challenging, and illuminating, but I’ve learned much more from my peers. Each shows passion on the baseball field during club practice, and in the stands while we play with the marching band for football games and in the board room at WPRB.” Daniel will serve as co-social coordinator and a worship bandleader for the Princeton Faith and Action group and is a new member of Terrace Club. "Being a part of Princeton for two years has made me understand exactly why you want to share it with people like me who couldn’t otherwise be here and are all the more grateful for it.”

From his perch in Charlottesville, Va., Steve Deupree, oversees Apeiron Travel. A recent, literally mouthwatering trip he planned was called "Markets of Rome: Tracing History Through Food and Cooking.” Less digestible but equally fascinating journeys were "Layers of Istanbul: Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottomans, Turk,” and "Tracking St. Paul in Greece: Following Paul from Philippi
to Corinth.”

Rolling right along, an August not-tire-some piece in the Washington Post quotes Dennis Mulvihill, an attorney for Ford dealers who are contesting truck issues. Dennis continues his law practice in Pittsburgh.

Linda and Gary Williams are doing well in Owego, N.Y., where Gary continues his optometry practice. Their Colin is recently back from a tour of duty in Afghanistan while their Brendan recently welcomed a third child.

Nov. 16 is The Day to be in Princeton: The Yale game and a class dinner. Join us.

October 23, 2013

A summer gathering brought a number of classmates together for dinner: Kit Binns; Adrienne and Bob Gang; Cathy and Chris Milton; Tina and Larry Morris; Joan and Jeremy Hubball; Bill Benjamin (whose wife, Karen, was working to get things organized for their relocation from Weston, Mass., to Santa Barbara, Calif.); Betsy and PaulSittenfeld; Lisa and Chris Meyer; and Anne and Andy Steele. Lisa and Chris provided an extra bonus, persuading their son, Alex, and their niece, Emsy (Emily and John Tepe's daughter), to join us. Alex and wife Beth have recently returned from their 12th summer of archaeological digs at Hadrian's Wall and the ever-talented Emsy, now pursuing her singing career from Wilmington, Del., spontaneously sang for the gathering.

Greetings from Quissett Harbor on Cape Cod, site of another mini-reunion this summer. Pictured are Randy Evans, Ted McLean, Bob Gang, Rick Railsback and Fred Makrauer. It appears that Bob Gang's up on all the fun!

Hoping you are planning on our 45th reunion.

October 9, 2013

Kathy and Duncan Moffat came for our 44th and to celebrate the graduation of nephew Ned ’13. They are shown smiling in front of Nassau Hall’s ’69 ivy.

The July RUGBY magazine features the Princeton Rugby Football Club’s June dedication of Paul Haaga ’70 House. The idea began with Tom Pirelli in 1975! As Tom noted: "It took a long time, but they finally allowed us to do something for the kids that we always wanted to do." Speaking of teammates, he observed: "I’m 65 years old, and some guys that I played with when I was 18 are my friends to this day."

Vince Farrell and Peter Kaminsky enjoyed a good late-summer visit before Peter headed off on a fishing expedition to Iceland.

September 18, 2013

Stephanie Judson and Sandy Rea’s daughter, Elizabeth Judson-Rea, is pictured on her wedding day with groom Daniel Amstutz. The shot was taken at the Philadelphia Art Museum, but the Quaker ceremony was celebrated at the same Friends Meeting House in which Stephanie and Sandy were married 33 years ago. The radiant couple is living in Greensboro, N.C.

Barry Miles Silverlight, as creative and accomplished as ever, has just released a solo piano album, Barry Miles - Home and Away, Volume One. We’ve already enjoyed it and, no surprise, it is sensational. Available through all the usual online outlets - Amazon, iTunes, and CDBaby. Barry and Elaine are living near Cape May, N.J., where he continues performing and recording. Their Gabrielle (30) is in Philadelphia doing bronze sculpture, various art media, and the album cover. Jocelyn (25) just received her MA in social justice from the U. of Massachusetts at Amherst and now is heading a 3,000-member union in Western Massachusetts. Happily, Barry is a "for sure" at our 45th.

Three of our best - Sean Connor, Vince Farrell, and Jim Wright - are encountering major health challenges. We are with them in spirit.

July 10, 2013

Despite hot and humid days, our 44th reunion was a high-spirited and splendid event and a promising precursor to next year’s 45th! Under the blended batons of BILL CHARRIER’s indefatigable Anne, DAN HARMAN, and RICK KITTO, cheer and good fellowship were happily shared.

A special highlight was the awarding of the Alumni Association for Community Service Annual Award to Princeton Internships in Civic Service, the flagship program of our ’69 Community Service Fund. Chair CHUCK FREYER accepted on behalf of all classmates and, especially, on behalf of so many classmates who have done so much for so long.

A number of us listened to the discussion shared by outgoing President Shirley Tilghman and incoming President Chris Eisgruber ’83. It appears to be a perfect transition of strength to strength. BRENT HENRY, longtime University trustee, was part of the presidential search committee.

Highlights among many panels included PAUL HANLE’s role discussing "Community Green: Environmental and Energy Challenges in the Public Square.”Both PETER KAMINSKY and DOUG SEATON shared recollections in "Retrospective: Activists of the ’60s and ’70s Reflect.”

Along with faithful attendees, we welcomed some faces not often seen. RICH ETLIN was back for his first reunion ever. Jane and DON COWLES stopped on their way between Vermont and home base in Richmond. ALLEN LIU and JOHN BURGESS were warmly welcomed additions.

The class dinner gathered nearly 100 of us for a rousing good time. The evening culminated as Marion and DICK BOTT’s daughter, Christina ’13, led the Roaring ’20 a cappella group in a terrific song fest.

A summer newsletter will be far more interesting if it includes news each of you has to share. I’m holding my breath!

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