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With the goal of promoting greater communication between '69er's, following are links to blogs written by our classmates. These Classmates invite you to visit and read their blogs.  Please note, however, that these blogs are not reviewed, monitored or endorsed by the Class of 1969, and that their content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Class of 1969, its officers or Princeton University.

Jim Gregoire - No. Carolina to Pennsylvania Hike, March, 2016

Introductory Note:

In just a few days, Jane and I will drive back to North Carolina, to the spot where Segment #4 of this walk up the East Coast ended last November 1. In the final days of February, we will leave behind our home, our cat, and a disappointingly warm and dry winter. We will bid adieu to the remnants of snow and ice that haven't yet melted but are rapidly shrinking. It has been a bust of a season for skiers, ice fishermen, and lovers of a real North Country Nor'easter.
Segment #5 will begin in northeastern North Carolina, where we hope to observe the first signs of Spring. In the past two years I have walked 1200 miles along coastal Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Now I will head inland, skirting the major metropolitan areas of Norfolk, Washington and Baltimore to avoid their crowded and noisy highways. I will hike through the less congested cities of Williamsburg, Richmond and Fredericksburg. I will trade the busier highways for the state roads that pass through small cities and towns. I will walk along several former railroad routes that have been converted to rail-trails catering to bicyclists and hikers like me.

Read the rest of Jim's prologue and follow his progress by clicking the link to his blog, above the photo.

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