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  May 20-23

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  May 19-22


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Classmate Snaps

Jim Alley and son Jonathan on the Fergusons' boat, summer, 2011. You can see Martha Ferguson through the window.
Our Bill Earle with Crawford Moorefield '84 on School Colors Day at the office 9/2/2011
Bill Earle wearing school colors to work - best looking guy at the office! 9/2/2011
Jim Gregoire in Montana during 2011 Fall Hike 9/26/2011
Janet and Jim Johnson
X Shannon, Jim Johnson, Clay McEldowney 8/1/2011
Annual golf outing June, 2011: Murph McCarthy, Clay McEldowney, Rick Kitto, X Shannon and Hal Hoeland
Tom Pirelli69 Paul Haaga70 Stu Rickerson71 Clay McEldowney69. As a leader of the rugby association, Tom Pirelli is a major player in Princeton’s construction of its rugby facility, dedicated at 2013’s Reunions.
Clay McEldowney_Steve Lindo_Jeff Marston_Lindo, Rockport MA 2012
Steve Sigi_Lindo, Rockport MA 2012
steve JeffLindo, Rockport MA 2012
McEldowney_Kivett, Wellesley, MA 2012
Roger Naill and family: wife Carol, my two daughters Sara Sullivan and Megan Kinsella, and their families. The picture was taken last summer at a swim meet; 7 of the cousins swim on the Overlee (Arlington VA) swim team. The Sullivans include Sara and Andrew (parents), plus William (12); John (10); Thomas (8); Matthew (6); and Anna (almost 4). The Kinsella include Megan and Ed (parents), plus Katie (15); Clare (13); Paul (10); Christopher (6); Molly and Moira (3 year old twins); and Brian (he’s only 1).
Derek Savage 7/26/2011
George Sheridan with Dick and Marian Bott at Le Sud in Lyon, Aug, 2011
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