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Annual Giving 2014-2015

Class of '69's 46th Reunion Annual Giving Campaign

Bruce Freeman '69,  Class Agent

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Another Annual Giving Success!

This year’s Annual Giving totals were extraordinary!  Over $61,000,000 was raised and 60.3% of undergraduate alumni participated in this year’s campaign.   For the Class of 1969, 59.7% of us gave $252,500 to this effort.  This year’s result will have a tremendous impact on Princeton and the current group of undergraduate students.   For those who joined in this effort, thank you for your contribution and commitment.  For those that missed out on the fun, we welcome your participation next year.  And finally thanks to all of the Annual Giving volunteer Team that made these great results possible.

Princeton Celebrates 75 Years of Annual Giving

This academic year of 2014-15 marks the 75th anniversary of that mainstay of so many academic years at Old Nassau, Princeton Annual Giving. With much of the world in flames and with war clouds impinging upon the United States, 1940-41 may not have seemed an auspicious juncture to launch such a bold and optimistic new undertaking. As President Harold Dodds *14 admitted, "the uncertain state of world affairs created a temptation to mark time, but . . . Princeton could afford to follow no such policy." He applauded the efforts of "enthusiastic Class representatives who quickly developed effective and comprehensive methods of procedure and then went to work."

The first Princeton University Fund Chair was Albridge Smith of the Class of 1903, a prominent New York attorney. In his keynote report he astutely noted: "I think I am safe in saying that nowhere in the world is interest in an institution, its program and its growth more widespread among its alumni than at Princeton." He continues to be proven right.

The oldest Class participating in the inaugural year of Annual Giving was the Class of 1865, to which its descendants can raise a toast this June on occasion of the 150th anniversary of their graduation. Following them in the first-ever AG report are arrayed the Classes of 1869, 1872 through 1874, and 1876 through 1941, as well as alumni of the Graduate College.  Legendary Princeton names are visible among the ranks of the neophyte Class Agents: Hall, Garrett, McGraw, Eno, Dodge, Proctor. Many of the firms and enterprises these alumni worked for have long since vanished or morphed, and many of their lives and certainly the world they knew would change radically and forever by the next academic year. But ever since they started Princeton Annual Giving, the worthy object of their fundraising mission would evolve and grow into today’s significant financial cornerstone of Princeton University.

Annual Giving Status


Class of '69 Launches 46th Reunion AG Campaign

This fall the Class of 1969 launched its 46th Annual Giving campaign. Click here to see the first Class Agent letter of the year. This year’s campaign coincides with the 75th Anniversary of Princeton’s Annual Giving Program. In the wake of our very successful 45th Reunion AG effort, our dollar goal is much more modest this year - $260,000, a number slightly below our average result during our 41st to 44th campaigns. Our participation goal, however, is the same as last year: the aptly chosen 69%. We made this goal last year, why not this campaign? The Class will re-constitute the dynamic ’69 AG Volunteer Team in early spring to provide personal reach out to all non-donors. If you have not helped in the past, but are interested in making a few AG phone calls, email our Class Agent Bruce Freeman at bfreeman@princeton.edu and let him know.

We will be tracking our progress using the thermometer graphics on this page (right) and on the Home Page. Your support this year will be greatly appreciated by all of Princeton’s current undergraduates. Many thanks to all of our Annual Giving supporters.

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