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Annual Giving 2011-2012

Bob Axelrod '69,  Class Agent

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July 14, 2012

'69 Exceeds 2011-2012 Goals

Best year since our 20th Reunion!

Class Agent Bob Axelrod reports that our AG campaign finished strong; the results are summarized in the official AG report below.  Increased participation by classmates is really the heart of the story, including gifts from 17 who had not been heard from in many years.  Our final total was actually $305,981.  We beat both our participation and dollar goals!
The university-wide results were also spectacular; AG raised $57.2 million -- a new record and a significant increase from last year.

Here is the report from the AG office:

Dear Team ’69:
Thanks to your diligence and hard work, ’69 achieved:
61.9% participation (fifth highest participation ever and the best since your 20th!)
456 donors
$305,926 (highest non-major reunion total ever!)
Here are a few stats:
Highest participation years:
1.     1988-89 – 73.1% (20th Reunion)
2.     1983-84 – 64.8% (15th Reunion)
3.     1987-88 – 63.9% (19th year out)
4.     1985-86 – 62.0% (17th year out)
5.     2011-12 – 61.9% (43rd year out)
Next highest non-major reunion dollar total:
2010-11 - $283,933
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  Your dedication and effort helps make Princeton a special place – THANK YOU!
With deep appreciation,
Traslyn Butler, Associate Director, Annual Giving

May 22, 2012

AG status as of May 22nd is as follows: We did it!  The latest news is ‘69’s resounding victory in the Locomotive Challenge. Gifts from 100 classmates helped our class win the Locomotive Challenge, an Annual Giving initiative to increase AG participation among post 20th-reunion classes.  Our class competed with -- and beat! -- our peer Princeton classes of '70, '71 and '73 to receive a $10,000 bonus which will be added to our 2011-12 Annual Giving total. Click here to see the official results -- our name in lights!

With less than 50 days to go in this year's AG campaign, we stand at $233,622 in funds raised and gifts from 363 classmates or 49.3%. We are well positioned to meet our goals of $300,000 and 450 participants, or 61%. Thank you for "jumping on the Locomotive" to help our class make such a strong showing!

Go Tigers!  Go '69!

April 9, 2012

AG status as of April 9th is as follows:  $200,000 in contributions towards a goal of $300,000 and 34.2% participation towards a goal of 61%.

The big news is that 252 classmates have already contributed and we need 198 more to reach our goal of 450.  As we said in the 60's, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  Our calling squads are now revving up and non-donors can expect to hear from a friendly classmate in the coming weeks.

The AG office updates the totals at the start of each month and we will post updates on this site as soon as they're available.

Best, Bob

December 27, 2011

Soon the bells of Nassau Hall will ring in 2012.  And Princeton's campus will come to life with students back from winter recess.

Your gift to Annual Giving now, https://makeagift.princeton.edu, will benefit every student today - and you on April 15.  Please consider joining our many classmates who have already made a gift in support of this year's campaign.

With best wishes for the New Year!

Bob Axelrod '69
Class Agent

September 30, 2011

To kick off our 2011-12 Annual Giving campaign, we offer the top five reasons why you should make your gift now, online, before we mail our first appeal.

No. 5 - Be Green:  You'll help reduce paper usage as well as save on  postage and administrative costs.

No. 4 - Be First:  Our class will get off to a fast start toward reaching our goals of $300,000 and 61% participation.

No. 3 - Be Done:  This will be the last solicitation you receive this academic year.

No. 2 - Be Easy:  We'll be able to devote more attention to classmates who need more persuasion than you.

No. 1 - Make a Difference:  Your unrestricted gift will go to work immediately for today's students.

Please make your gift now by visiting the secure AG website at: http://makeagift.princeton.edu or calling the 24-hour gift line at: 800-258-5421.  Your support will be greatly appreciated.


Note: click here for the final report on last year's campaign.

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