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Class of '69 Annual Giving

Final Status:  SUCCESS!
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Updated July 7, 2011


Thank you and congratulations to the 433 classmates who contributed to Annual Giving this year.  Your support enabled '69 to have a very successful campaign.
The final results are now in:  '69 raised $283,933 -- well in excess of our $269,000 goal and our highest amount ever in a non-major reunion year.  58.6% of the class participated; while 18 classmates short of our 61% goal, this was our highest participation level since our 30th.  Cumulatively, our class has now contributed over $14 million to Annual Giving since we graduated.
Our success is due to the hard work and dedication of a team of 35 volunteers.  A '69 locomotive for Gene Bayard, Bill Benjamin, Jim Blackburn, Dick Boenning, Tom Culp, Bill Earle, Rich Edwards, Randy Evans, Bruce Everett, Claus Frank, Ted Frank, Mike Gehret, Wade Goodrich, Jim Green, Paul Hanle, David Johnson, Mike Kiesel, Bob Loveman, Rod Matheson, Clay McEldowney, Larry Mills, Chris Milton, Jim Nowacki, Geoff Peterson, Bob Raymar, Bruce Rosenberg, Andy Steele, Allan Stitzer, Brooke Stoddard, Bill Thorpe and Jay Wilson.
Special recognition goes to class officers Bill Charrier, Dick Bott and Paul Sittenfeld, who added Annual Giving to their many other responsibilities; to Bruce Freeman, our class AG expert, for his hard work, wisdom and encouragement; and to Traslyn Butler, the AG staff member responsible for '69's campaign, who worked with many of us during the past year.
University-wide, the campaign was equally successful with a total of over $50 million raised -- surpassing the goal of $49 million and the second-highest AG total ever.  Participation by 61.3% of undergraduate alumni surpassed the 61% target and far exceeds the participation level achieved by any other college or university in the country.  Most importantly, the funds we raised will meaningfully enhance the Princeton experience of today's students.
Thank you again for your support.
Bob Axelrod '69
Class Agent

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