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Normandy Then and Now.  As a follow-on to the Class of '69 Normandy Invastion in September, 2011, this stunning collection of photos shows scenes of Normandy as they were in 1945 juxtaposed with current photos.

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Vince Farrell: Alumni Day, 2011.  On Saturday, February 26, 2011, we were treated to comments by Classmate Vince Farrell, the Chief Investment Officer of Soleil Securities.  In almost forty years in the investment business, Vince has done it all, including co-founding his own successful money management firm, which he and his partners eventually sold to Key Bank.  He now is in the enviable position of being the senior strategist/spokesman for Soleil.  In that role, he is frequently featured on CNBC.  Vince last talked to the Class at this same event two years ago, when he made a good case that the market was near its bottom.  In fact, he was dead right—the market bottomed within a few days of our dinner and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up about 85% since.  So we were all eager to hear Vince’s take today.  He did a superb job of walking us through the conflicting signals coming from the current economic and political situation.  In the end, he concluded that stocks are still attractively priced by historical standards.  His favorite strategy at the moment (particularly as an alternative to low-yielding bonds for those of us at the income seeking stage in our investing lives) is to consider investing in high quality stocks that pay a good dividend (more than a 2% yield) and have a long history of increasing their dividend payments annually.  He specifically mentioned Johnson & Johnson as an example (3.4% current yield and 30 years of consecutive dividend increases!), but the list includes other household names like Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart, IBM, AT&T, Coca Cola,Pepsi and McDonalds, to mention 8 out of the 40 that met his criteria.  If you’d like to see the whole list, or Vince’s entire presentation, I’m sure that he would be happy to send it to you—email Vince at vfarrell@soleilgroup.com for the scoop.  Vince also has an email "blog” that goes to about 15,000 institutional investor clientsand "friends of Vince” with his daily thoughts on market developments and he I suspect he would be happy to add any Classmate to this email list if that would interest you.

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