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The Class of 1969 Goes to Gettysburg

Monday, October 15, 2007
Jack Meyerson's summary of the trip: "On Friday September 28, 95 classmates, spouses and two sons headed for a 3 day weekend "mini-reunion" at Gettysburg Pennsylvania with Professor Emeritus James McPherson. Professor McPherson provided us with his "Gold Tour." We followed the chronology of the battle, devoting each day of the reunion to one of the 3 days of the battle. Professor McPherson described the events in chronological order and filled in with detail biographies and fascinating stories of many of the principal generals. Nothing one reads provides the same insights as actually walking the field where what has become known as "Pickett's charge" marked the "high-water mark of the Confederacy." When we weren't touring the battlefield there was plenty of time to visit with Classmates at luncheons and dinners. The weekend following our mini-reunion, Professor McPherson was awarded the Pritzer Award for Military History. We acquired first-hand knowledge as to why this selection was made. Participating Classmates made a contribution to the Gettysburg Foundation which is building a new Museum at Gettysburg; Professor McPherson is intimately involved in the planning and program development for the museum."
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