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October 23, 2021

Report from Class President Chris Milton

Dear Classmates,


I am quite pleased to report that many Classmates had a delightful day at the Princeton/Harvard football contest, followed by a most enjoyable Class Dinner.


Prior to the game there was a Tailgate sponsored by the Alumni Council, which filled up Fine Plaza with fans wearing many different shades of orange (and indeed many shades of black, which is indeed scientifically possible).  The PU Band warmed up the crowd with the Princeton Cannon Song and other various fight songs, keeping everyone entertained while we munched on a rather stark COVID-induced menu of hot dogs and pretzels.  A number of Classmates who were not able to attend the dinner later on were encountered there or at the game itself, including Jim Floyd, Tina Fox, John Fox, Jack McCarthy, and Tom Fleming.


The football game was indeed a thriller, with the victory ostensibly going to Princeton 18-16 after 5 overtimes.   The game was even throughout, but appeared to end when “10,000 men of Hahvahd” rushed the field in overtime (actually not once, but twice), thinking that Harvard had won, only to be sent back to the sideline as the referees insisted that the overtime plays should be replayed, due to the referees’ failure to respond to efforts by each team to call time out.  Princeton finally won the game on the field with a complete pass that bounced off a Harvard defender into the Princeton end’s arms in the corner of the end zone.  When Harvard failed to match, it was Princeton’s turn to rush the field:



Subsequently certain petty-minded Ivy Leaguers decided that the missed times out were not reviewable events, and ruled that Harvard “should” have won the game.   The League did not, however, award the game to Harvard, leaving it as a Princeton victory.   Whether Princeton will now do the right thing and surrender the victory to Harvard remains the question.  If Princeton does not, one can only imagine that there will be an imaginary asterisk next to Princeton’s record in the minds of at least 10,000 Cantabridgians.


The Class then adjourned to the Springdale Golf Club, where we were hosted by Chris and Rick Kitto.  As Rick had promised, there was plenty of room on the porch to be safe outdoors, with the benefit of outdoor heaters and a nice roof over our heads.  We ended up with 32 folks coming for cocktails and dinner, including the following:


Left to Right: Barbara Wolfe, Chris Kitto, Doug Hensler, Ben Hensler and Cathy Milton


Left to Right: Geoff Peterson, Anne Charrier, Bill Charrier, Deborah Savadge, Ken Mertz and Maria Butz


Left to Right: Bob Axelrod, Rick Kitto, Delia Pape, Bill Pape, Chuck Freyer and Judy Freyer


Left to Right: Marie Hardy, Bill Hardy, Tertia Kiesel and Mike Kiesel


Left to Right, Nell Whiting, Susan Boughn, Chip Jerry, Bob Durkee, Rich Rein, Marilyn Jerry, Steve Boughn


Not Pictured: Dick Bott, BF Graham, Trudy Sykes, Gary Sykes, Chris Milton (Chief Photographer)


Those present left the Dinner having sated their respective appetites for great salmon, great steak, great conversation and a great time, but also missing the many of you who were not able to attend!  


All in all, it was indeed a most satisfactory Homecoming!  Now on to Alumni Day!!




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