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Annual Giving 2012-2013

Bob Axelrod '69,  Class Agent

Final Results for 2012-2013 are in!

'69's Participation Highest since our 20th Reunion!

Updated July 5, 2013

Here, from our indefatigable AG chair, Bob Axelrod, is the AG Committee's feedback to our class:

Team ’69:
... the results are in for ‘69’s 2012-13 AG campaign:
62.1% participation


This year’s participation rate was your best showing since your 20th Reunion in 1988-89 – and this is a non-major reunion year!  Your dedication and tireless efforts paid off and have provided strong momentum heading into your 45th Reunion campaign.  THANK YOU for all your commitment to ’69 and Old Nassau!  I look forward to working with you on your fabulous 45th campaign!

Thanks to all 455 of our classmates who generously contributed this year.  Deep appreciation to the many classmates whose efforts on behalf of Princeton made these results possible:  Dick Bott, Bill Charrier, Bill Earle,  Rich Edwards, Claus Frank, Bruce Freeman, Mike Gehret, Jim Gregoire, Art Hamm,  Paul Hanle, Mike Kiesel, Bob Loveman, Larry Mills,  Chris Milton, Bob Raymar, Bruce Rosenberg, Paul Sittenfeld, Jeff Sprowles, Andy Steele, Brooke Stodddard, Frank Shannon,  Gary Sykes, John Tatum, Bob Thielbar, Jim Warden, Randy Wertz and Walt Walne.

Update: June 28, 2013

We are now at $239,000 and 60% participation. Our goals are 65% and $325,000.  While the 65% seemed like a huge stretch when Bill Charrier proposed it in October, we have a real chance to get there!

Annual Giving Results

Update: April 19, 2013

According to TigerTracks, we are now at $164,430 and 37% participation.    More than half way to both of our goals.  Also:  The AG office recently announced that any new gift received by April 30th will receive a $25 match which will be credited to �69�s gift total.  This is in addition to the challenge prize.

Update: April 10, 2013

Princeton Annual Giving announces a challenge!

From April 8 to April 30, the Class of '69 has an opportunity to receive a cash bonus toward our Annual Giving total this year.

The details are simple.  The class that adds the most names to their donor list during this period will earn a $10,000 cash prize; the second place class will earn $5,000.  The challenge goal is to increase the overall number of donors, so a gift of any size can help.  Our class will be competing against the classes of 1962 through 1968.

Please don't miss this opportunity to support the University through Annual Giving.  You can make your gift online at http://giving.princeton.edu/ag/makeagift or by phone at 800/258-5421.  Let's get the Cane Spree challenge off to a great start.

Bob Axelrod '69
Class Agent

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