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October, 2014, Events

Class of 1968 Seminar on Foreign Policy


On Friday and Saturday October 17 and 18, seven of us (Jay Bestmann, Bill and Anne Charrier, Dan Harman, Bob Herbst, and Rick and Chris Kitto) joined over 40 members and spouses of the Class of ’68 at their annual seminar in Princeton on the campus of the Theological Seminary.   Over the course of 24 hours we were treated to lectures covering situations that confront U.S. foreign policy makers, ranging from the Middle East, Ukraine and East Asia to the future of multilateralism to a look-back at decisions regarding Vietnam which all of us remembered from our days as undergraduates.  The session culminated in a very informative talk by Cameron Hume ’68 who has had a distinguished career in the U.S. Foreign Service culminating in ambassadorships to South Africa and Indonesia.  Cam reflected on his experience and imparted some profound insights on what lay ahead for the U.S., as emerging powers and ideologies begin to assert themselves. 


The seminar proved to be a great way to gain insight into the quality of the University’s faculty, while providing an opportunity to get together.  All of the talks were followed by spirited question and answer sessions, and we all enjoyed a dinner at the Nassau Club on Friday evening.  We apparently didn’t misbehave too much, because the Class of ’68 extended an invitation to us to attend this gathering every year.  We hope more of us can take advantage of this opportunity, because it’s a wonderful way to catch up with classmates while also learning something.  Just ask any of us who attended.


Princeton in Africa Annual Gala


         The evening of October 23 was a very special one as 30 ‘69ers, PICS board members and guests were among those who gathered in New York to attend the Princeton in Africa Annual Gala where Jim Floyd and George Hritz (along with Frank Strasburger ’67) were presented with the Inaugural Princeton in Africa Founders’ Medal in honor of their work starting Princeton In Africa.  In lieu of the three honorees giving acceptance speeches, a brief pre-recorded video interview was shown.  Click here to see that video: http://www.princetoninafrica.org/princeton-in-africa-founders-video/

For many of us it was a walk down memory lane, as Emily Holland, daughter of Lindsay, and one of our original CSF/PICS interns nearly 20 years ago, emceed the affair.   In fact, our CSF incubated Princeton in Africa, and Seva Kramer served as its first Executive Director while Jim, George and Frank were getting it off the ground. 


Classmates in attendance included Jay Bestmann, Bill and Anne Charrier, Jim Floyd, Lindsay Holland, Steve Houck, George and Mary Beth Hritz, Seva and Peter Kramer, Rick and Chris Kitto, Jeff and Maureen Marston, Clay and Pinky McEldowney, John and Ellen Stossel, and Dick and Raina Stuart.  Several of our gang who were unable to attend also generously supported the dinner: Bob Axelrod and Christy Wise, Dick and Marian Bott, Dan Danser, Chuck and Judy Freyer, Jim and Jane Gregoire, Bruce Hillman,  Bob and Gail Loveman, Bob and Angenette Meaney, Marc Miller and Stephanie deSibour, and Paul and Betsy Sittenfeld.  Two of our classmates contributed to this benefit in a special way:  John Stossel and our honorary classmate Paul Muldoon were each auctioned off for dinner to help support Princeton in Africa’s mission.  Several of our non-classmate PICS Board members also attended, and our Class and PICS were both recognized as the two "Silver Chairs” of the event.  In all ’69ers and PICS Board members contributed well over $30,000 to support Princeton in Africa.  A good time was had by all, and a great organization benefitted.


Click here to see photos from the event.


Class Activities on October 25


The Class Events over the Harvard weekend provided yet another October opportunity for fellowship.  We held our Class Steering Committee in the morning.  The major news from that meeting is that we’ll be having a mini-reunion next fall in Williamsburg, VA organized by Clay and Pinky McEldowney.   Thanks so much to them for taking this on.  Details in due course. 


We had a lovely day for the festivities (the outcome of the game will not be mentioned here) starting with a wonderful tailgate organized by Chip and Marilyn Jerry, Jeff and Maureen Marston and Clay and Pinky, arranged for us on the premises of Ivy Club by Jack McCarthy.  After the game over 40 of us gathered for cocktails and dinner followed by our speaker, Pulin Sanghvi, Princeton’s new Executive Director of Career Services.  Pulin described his ambitious vision for helping Princeton students define and fulfill their ambitions with the help of faculty and alumni.  In the course of his remarks, he mentioned several times that the PICS model for alumni network engagement for the benefit of Princeton students is one he hopes to extend in executing his re-invention of Career Services.  Princeton is clearly lucky to have him, and Pulin credits our classmate Don Dixon with helping to bring him here from Stanford Business School.  Again, all who attended had a good time. 


Our next Class Dinner will on occur on February 21, 2015 when we will celebrate Princeton’s 100th Alumni Day.  Details to be provided soon.


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