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Class Dinner/Meeting, Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021


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Class of '69 Homecoming/Class Dinner

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A letter from Class President Chris Milton:


Dear Classmates,


All can now sign up for the Class festivities which we have scheduled for the October 23rd Homecoming, when the football team and a few other teams play Harvard.


While the University is encouraging alumni to attend the Homecoming Weekend events, it has suspended its rental of spaces to alumni groups that weekend.  In addition, the Clubs will be reopening that weekend, but under policies that will make usage of their facilities cumbersome (to the point where the Clubs are encouraging pre-game check-ins for post-game parties).


Therefore we have decided to consolidate a Class Meeting and a Class Dinner into a single outdoor event to be held in the evening, and have made arrangements to gather for cocktails and dinner at the Springdale Golf Club (located just southeast of Forbes College off Alexander Road at 1895 Clubhouse Drive) in the evening after the game.  The game itself is currently scheduled to be televised on ESPN this year at 1:00 on Saturday.  We are planning to convene for cocktails at 5:00 PM and to commence dinner around 6:00 PM.  We hope to conduct a short Class Meeting during the dinner.


In order to reduce concerns about COVID, we are planning to require that those who wish to attend have been vaccinated, and those attending should bring a mask to wear, as NJ recently re-imposed a mandate regarding the wearing of masks when indoors.  We are also planning to have both the cocktails and the dinner outdoors, on a covered patio with outdoor heaters.  As the weather likely will be in the 50s during dinner, you should dress appropriately for such temperatures, but we are hopeful that the heaters will provide more than adequate respite.  There is a possibility that you will need to enter the Club premises from time to time, in order to use the facilities or to go to the bar, so we do expect that you will need the mask, despite the fact that we will be outdoors generally.


The cost of the reception and dinner will be as follows: Early-bird sign-ups (deadline Wednesday, October 13th) are $75 per person, sign-ups from October 14th through Tuesday, October 19th are $85 per person, and both sign-ups and walk-ups thereafter will be charged $100 per person (N.B., the ability to handle walk-ins will be extremely limited).  The charge includes a limited open bar for 2 hours (the Class will try to provide some additional wine if the event runs beyond the second hour), and service charges/taxes.  Please sign up and pay here (or click the big "Sign Up NOW" button at the top of this page) for the dinner, and indicate  how many herbed grilled salmon or flat-iron steak entrees your party requires. 


You also will be asked on the sign-up page to confirm that you and your guest(s) will have been vaccinated by no later than October 9th (two weeks before the event).


Your Class leaders look forward to seeing you for this Homecoming, and hope that we can celebrate our football team and our Class together!

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