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     Feb. 25, 2023


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  May 25-28, 2023


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Annual Giving 2021-2022

Final Results





We did it, guys!!  Thanks to all of our 352 classmates and 15 friends, I am pleased to send out our FINAL Annual Giving results for 2022….our 53rd year out!!  Time sure flies!!


2022:   $268K with 51.2% participation

2021:   $263K with exactly the same 51.2% participation!!


I guess we are in a rut with regards to participation….but it is a good rut to be in. 


Overall, the PU fund had a record year in $$:  $81.8 million, of which $66 million came from us undergrads.  The rest came from graduate alumni, parents, and endowments.   Participation fell 2 points to 47.4%.   So now we really help bring up the average!!


We also beat the class of 68 in the March challenge, in both $$ and participation! So we have retained the March 68/69 coffee mug.  It is almost as prized as the Stanley Cup!!


I hope that everyone has a relaxing and healthy summer.  Our 55th  reunion is creeping ever so closer!!

All the best from NH, and thanks very much again for your support.


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