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Annual Giving 2013-2014

Class of '69's 45th Reunion Year

Bob Axelrod '69,  Class Agent

WE DID IT!  '69 Exceeds Goals for 2013-14

The Class of 1969 finished our 45th Reunion year with the great spirit we are known for.  We achieved BOTH our dollar and participation goals, raising $2,094,030 from 505 classmates, for 69.5% participation!  Here are some factoids about these amazing results:

  • We were only the second Class in the past ten years to raise more dollars at our 45th than our 40th
  • Our 69.5% participation rate was our second highest total ever
  • Our dollar total was the third highest amount we have ever raised
  • Since graduation, the Class of 1969 has raised $16,815,863 in unrestricted AG funds to support Princeton's students and programs
  • Princeton's overall AG result:  $58.7 million and 61.4% participation
Annual Giving Status


Many thanks to all of you who contributed to our success!  

A special '69 Locomotive to these AG volunteers who made it happen:

Bill Benjamin
Jim Gregoire
Bob Raymar
Richard Bott
Art Hamm
Roger Schmenner
Bob Brown
Paul Hanle
Frank Shannon
Bill Charrier
Brent Henry
Paul Sittenfeld
Tom Culp
Chip Jerry
Jeff Sprowles
Bob Durkee
Mike Kiesel
Andy Steele
Bill Earle
Rick Kitto
Brooke Stoddard
Rich Edwards
Blair Labatt
Gary Sykes
Claus Frank
Bob Loveman
John Tatum
Chuck Freyer
Jeff Marston
Bob Thielbar
Mike Gehret
Chris Milton
Jim Warden

Bob Axelrod, Class Agent

Bruce Freeman, Special Gifts Chair


Posted 6/25/2014
We are at 61.5% and need exactly 55 more gifts to reach our goal of 69%. To get there, the simple message is that we really need:  YOU to get on board to help our class reach our goal.  Click the box above to donate NOW, and help our class show its class!


Posted 5/7/2014
The Class of 1969’s 45th Reunion Annual Giving Campaign has reached two major milestones as of the 1st of May:

1) We have passed 70% of our participation goal and now stand at 50% participation.  We only need another 146 donors to reach our goal of 69%!

2) We have reached 90% of our dollar goal of $2,069,000

If you have already given thank you so much for contributing to these great participation and dollar totals.  If you are still on the sidelines, please give now; we need YOUR help to cross the finish line.

Annual Giving Status


Challenge Gift Fund Announced for '69 AG

Posted 4/16/2014

Dear Classmate:  Our 45th Reunion Annual Giving Campaign is making great strides towards our two goals:  total contributions of $2,069,000 and participation by 69% of the Class.  We now stand at $1,787,000 and 45% participation.  Our goals are ambitious but achievable; to get there, we need YOU.  To date 325 classmates have contributed.  If you are not among them, please contribute now in an amount that is meaningful to you.
To add extra motivation, a group of classmates have established a challenge gift fund to match new contributions.  We have a variety of matching programs outstanding so please check your mailbox or inbox for more information.  The easiest way to give right now is to click on the Giving tab at the top of the home page and then click on the link to Annual Giving.
            Thank you for your generosity.
Bob Axelrod                              Bruce Freeman
Class Agent                               Special Gifts Chair   

Letter from Class Agent Axelrod

Posted 1/18/2014

Dear Classmate:
It is my pleasure to update you on our 45th Reunion Annual Giving campaign as we pick up speed with the start of the new year.  As you hopefully know, our goals are to raise $2,069,000 with participation by 69% of the class.  To date, we have received gifts from 28% of the class totaling $635,000 and have additional pledges of $432,000.  This total commitment of $1,067,000 takes us more than halfway to our goal.  I particularly appreciate the generosity of the many classmates who have increased their gifts compared to what they gave at the 40th Reunion.
We are off to a great start, with many classmates yet to be heard from.  This year, we will be sending periodic update letters on the campaign to all classmates and will personally contact those of you we haven’t heard from.  So, what can you do to help?  The obvious answer—contribute now in an amount that is meaningful to you.  You are in the right place to do this quickly and easily; just click on the Giving tab at the top of the home page, then click on the link to Annual Giving.  What else can you do?  I am looking for "a few good men” to help reach out to classmates.  If you would like to learn more, please email me at raxelrod@stavinsaxelrod.com.
Thank you for your continued generosity and support.
Best regards,
Bob Axelrod
Class Agent

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