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Alumni Day Class Dinner

Feb. 24,2024


55th Reunion!

  May 23-26, 2024


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Class of '69, 55th Reunion

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Updated April 3, 2024

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James and Lorette Adams

Jim and Joan Alley

Ray and Kathy Arsenault

John Assini and Carolyn Jones-Assini

Bob Axelrod and Christy Wise

Joel and Frannie Babb

Jerry and Lynn Babicka

John Barnard and Sharon Simpson

Bill and Caroline Benjamin

Chris Binns

Dickson and Emily Boenning

George and Mimi Boggs

Sid Bonebreak

Dick and Marian Bott

Steve and Susan Boughn

Andy Brown and Bonnie Post

Bison Brown and Ann Brophy

Robert Brown and Catherine Scallen

Thacher and Lloyd Brown

Bob Buechner

Granville Burgess and Reba Beeson

Rusty Cargill

John and Susan Carter

Bill and Anne Charrier

George and Laura Chester

Ron and Liz Chin

Mike and Connie Cone

Tom Cooper

Don and Jane Cowles

Donald and Betsy Dixon

Bob Durkee and Patti Swartz

Bruce and Shelly Eckman

Randy and Lynn Evans

Vince Ferenbach and Mary McCarthy

Rod and Martha Ferguson with Roderick

Steve Figlewski and Carol Lipsitch

David and Étel Fisher

Tom and Kathy Fleming

Jim Floyd

Silas and Joan Foot

John and Christine Fox

Claus Frank and Annette Berman

Bruce Freeman

Chuck and Judy Freyer, with Alex, Katherine, Sarah, and Bria Freyer

Steve and Helen Frankel, with Nancy Joselson

Bob and Adrienne Gang

Pat Gardner

Mike and Lor Gehret

Robert and Jane Golenbock

Jeff and Liz Gordon

Jim Gregoire and Liz Cody

Haynes and Ginger Griffin

Gene Gulland and Elizabeth Ellers

Woody and Pauline Halsey

George and Beth Handzo

Paul Hanle and Joan Burroughs

Dan and Leigh Harman

Lew Haut

Carlisle Herbert and Mary Dedinsky

Bob and Lynne Herbst

Dan Herrick and Marjorie Prefontaine

John Hockenberry and Nina Levitt

Nick Hoff

Peter Hooper and Nancy Sullivan

George Hrtiz

Harold and Marilyn Jerry

Mark Janis

Dick and Bobbie Johnson

Eric and Lindsay Johnson

Jeff and Patty Kaplan

Larry Kegeles and Jennifer Foster

Curt and Vicki Kehr

Steve and Sue Kennedy

Mike and Tertia Kiesel

Rick and Chris Kitto

Earl Kivett

Scott Kruse

Jim and Judy Kuzmick

Lawrence and Barbara Lamade

Clyde and Celeste Layne

Mac Lewis

Steve Lindo

Rob Livesey

Rick and Chris Lyman

Bruce and Rita MacDonald

Joe and Barbara Marshall

Jeff and Maureen Marston

Murph McCarthy

Clay and Pinky McEldowney

Ted and Ellie McLean

Bob and Angenette Meaney

Ken Mertz

Chris Meyer and Joan Weidner

Jack and Pam Meyerson

Marc Miller and Steph deSibour

Chris and Cathy Milton

Duncan and Kathy Moffat

Larry and Tina Morris

Bob and Carla Myerson

Mark Olson

John and Mary Anne O'Meara

Alan and Rasa Pavilanis, with Antonia, Claudia, and Christian

Geoff Peterson and Deborah Savadge

John Poole and Carol Chance

Bob Raymar and Marilyn Luber

Sandy Rae and Stephanie Judson

Steve Reed

Rich Rein and Nell Whiting

Richard Ress and Terry Mahoney

Graham Richard

Bruce and Debbie Rosenberg

Derek and M.C. Savage

Roger and Barbara Schmenner

X and Lou Shannon

Fred and Lori Shearer

George Sheridan and Jill BlackhurstSheridan

Jim Shuey, Kathleen Hursh and Jim Morrissey

Barry and Elaine Silverlight

Stu and Ellen Silverman

Marion and Camille Sleet

Muffin Slonaker

Hayden and Elisabeth Smith

Dave and Bev Spencer

Andy and Annabelle Steele

George and Debbie Stern

Brooke and Marybeth Stoddard

Dick and Raina Stuart

Jay and Penny Swigart

Gary Sykes

Peter Taliaferro

Jonathan and Maggie Taplin

John and Linda Tatum

John Tepe and Kelley Andrews

Bob and Laura Thielbar

Harry Volz

Jeff von Arx

Ross and J.J. Wales

Walt and Marina Walne

David Waud

Tom and Bonnie Carter Webb

Ted and Mary Webber

David and Jonathan Weinberger

Al Wenzell and Marian Hudson

Charlie and Lydia Whitehead

Wayne Wilson and Karen Roche

Barbara Wolfe

Gerald Wolfe and Joyce Morgenroth

Terry and Karen Young

Greg and Cheryl Patterson Zaic

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