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Announcing the Class of 1969 Virtual 52nd Reunion!!


May 21, 2021 at 5:00 PM (EDT) 

Zoom Details to Follow


As many of you hopefully are already aware, Princeton once again has decided to host virtual reunions later this month in lieu of our all “going back to Nassau Hall!”  The highlights will include a variety of Alumni-Faculty Fora, a meeting of the Alumni Association on Friday at 12:00 PM (EDT), a speech by President Eisgruber on Saturday at 1:00 PM (EDT), and, of course, a virtual P-Rade on Saturday at 2:00 PM (EDT)!  The full schedule of events (which is a work in progress as we speak, so check back later) is fairly extensive and can be found here: https://reunions.princeton.edu/.


While such a virtual format will make it impossible once again for us to communicate and share each other’s lives in the way we would were we all sitting under a tent or on a lawn somewhere enjoying a libation of some sort, we have decided to offer a few events of our own making for your consideration.


Class Meeting and Speech by Dr. Sam Fager


First up is a short Class Meeting (with brief presentations from me, Chuck Freyer, Rick Kitto and Andy Steele on topics hopefully of interest to the Class.  This probably will conclude in about 20 minutes or so.


That will be followed by an encore  presentation by our Classmate, Sam Fager, entitled “Topics of Interest on COVID – Redux”, which is intended to update the advice and other information that Sam passed along to us during last year’s virtual reunion.  As those of you who pay attention will recall, Sam holds an M.D. in medicine,  a J.D. in law and an M.B.A in Health Care Management.  His career includes service on the faculties of UPenn Medical School, Cornell Medical School and Yale Medical School, and he currently is a member of the Emeritus Medical Staff at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.  Sam is currently consulting both domestically and internationally with health care organizations.   As a result of these experiences, Sam has knowledge and experience in the scientific, physical and mental health issues associated with crises similar to COVID, and indeed has significant knowledge and experience in regard to the epidemiological, physical and mental health aspects of the COVID pandemic more specifically.


While Sam will discuss some topics that he believes will be of interest, he very much wants to tailor his presentation to topics that Classmates put forward, and would welcome suggestions for topics by email to him at drsfager@aol.com or a phone call to him at (610) 420-2499.  It would be most appreciated if your questions could be sent along by close of business on Thursday, May 13th, so that Sam (and his crack research assistant, Kathy Gaffney S’69) can do a little research on any topic that requires same.  We will be hosting this in a Zoom format, which may not allow for much interaction with Sam, and so he also invites questions of a more personal nature, which he plans to address offline rather than during his online presentation due to concerns about HIPAA.   If our format ultimately does allow for one to chat or otherwise put forward questions directly to Sam during his presentation Sam requests that Classmates not incorporate any personal information into the chat or question, again due to concerns about HIPAA.


As noted above, this event itself is scheduled for Friday, May 21st at 5:00 PM (EDT) utilizing Zoom via the internet, but with phone access for those who prefer to attend that way.  The access information for the meeting will be sent around to Classmates a few days before the reunion.  Attendees’ microphones will be muted (please keep your microphone mute, so everyone can hear well) and their video cameras will be off, except for those of us speaking.  Attendees should keep the screen on Speaker View and not go to Gallery.   Many, many thanks in advance to Jeff Kaplan, our maestro of a webmaster, for managing the communications with all of you.


More Music by “69 Spare Parts”


For those of you who want music with which to comfort your souls, our Classmate Dave Fisher has been kind enough to put together a short film from the Battle of the Bands that took place at our 50th – it features the splendid musical efforts of “69 Spare Parts”, a band comprised of ‘69er Dave, ‘69er Bob Jones and  their spare parts (Keith Lesnick and Scot Hornick): https://youtu.be/DaGyMPM9whU.   This video, which runs about 30 minutes, is up and running now, and one can tune in at any time!


’69 Reunions Photo Montage


Finally, as we saw last year, our Classmates, Geoff Peterson, video editor extraordinaire, and Bill Charrier, video editor rookieish, have created a photo montage of past Class of ’69 reunions, to be accompanied by some more music from our time.  This video can be found here:


In closing this invitation we urge all of you to reflect once again on the great 50th reunion that we just experienced two years ago, and to look forward to what we trust will be an “in person” 53rd Reunion in 2022, while at the same time enjoying these offerings in these most unusual times. 


Hip, Hip, Hip, Rah, Rah, Rah, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger, Sis, Sis, Sis, Boom, Boom, Boom, Aaaaaaaaaaaah! ’69, ’69, ‘69!!!


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