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Class of '69 PAW Class Notes for 2011-2012

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July 11, 2012

REUNIONS 2012: A happy time indeed under the deft chairmanship of DAN HARMAN, RICK KITTO, and BILL CHARRIER’s Anne. Other than a Friday late-in-the-evening downpour, the weather was good and spirits were high.

A special highlight was DAVID FISHER, in from Wiesbaden with his so-very-special Etel, receiving the Alumni Council Award for Service. Their leadership, started with our late classmate JOHN SEASE of the Princeton Club of Germany, has resulted in decades of extraordinary accomplishments: innovative international projects including many annual internships; collaborative efforts with the German department on campus; and even Thanksgiving dinners "bei Fishers.”

Official events included a Friday-evening barbecue with ’68 and ’70; Saturday lunch in the class garden before the P-rade; and class dinner preceding the fireworks. Random memories include word of Amy and BRUCE FREEMAN’s relocation from New Jersey to new adventures in Somerville, S.C., and Patty and JEFF KAPLAN’s move from Pennsylvania to St. Louis. Both stalwarts will still be central to the class fabric . . . just a few miles further away from campus.

Proud parents Marcy and NIEL LEWIS were celebrating son Andrew’s graduation later that weekend. A heartfelt locomotive to DICK BOTT’s Marian, den mother/hostess extraordinaire to many of us, on receiving her PhD this spring. Bravo, indeed! A chipper ALLEN STITZER had granddaughter Claire perched atop his shoulders.

Walking through Holder Court early Reunions Saturday morning, we spied an unknown 5- or 6-year-old chap bellowing to his dad: "Look up in the sky at that tower. It’s all beautiful!” A perfect metaphor for a pretty special place.

Please share words for our summer newsletter. Even more, please enjoy healthy and happy times.

June 6, 2012

Few become legends during their lifetime. In the world of independent education — and indeed in education at many levels — TOM HUDNUT has been an unparalleled contributor. In announcing Tom’s retirement at the end of the 2012-13 academic year to the Harvard-Westlake Community in LA, the board chair noted: "Tom’s leadership, vision, drive, and strong character have propelled our school to heights unimagined when he arrived on campus in 1987.” Further, chair Christine Hazy noted: "Tom’s most lasting legacy will be thousands of Harvard-Westlake graduates who live with integrity and purpose as contributing members of society. They, and we, owe him our profound gratitude.” The school newspaper has observed: "Hudnut’s innate humanity and intense level of learning must be kept alive and thriving through the passionate endeavors of every member of our community. Only by doing so can we give Hudnut his much-deserved thank you.”

ANOTHER COAST BUT ANOTHER WINNER. SHEARWOOD MCCLELLAND was one of 10 physicians at Harlem Hospital on the list of US News & World Report’s top doctors. Retired from the faculty at Columbia U., he remains at Harlem Hospital as chair of orthopedic surgery. Wife Yvonne Thornton’s newest book, Something To Prove, was named grand prize winner of the 2011 New York Book Festival and she was selected as one of five black women — including Michelle Obama ’85 and Oprah Winfrey — "to watch.”

Always meaningful to see that different Princeton and Princeton-related pursuits attract the enthusiasm and support of classmates. GRANVILLE BURGESS’ Quill Entertainment Co. has received a helping hand from JOHN ASSINI, BILL CHARRIER, WILLIAM T. EARLE, JIM KUZMICK, JOE MARSHALL, CHRIS MILTON, DEREK SAVAGE, JACK SCHMELTZER, RANDY SHEPARD, PAUL SITTENFELD, DAVID WAUD, and GARY WILLIAMS.

A good summer to all!

May 16, 2012

Ginger and HAYNES GRIFFIN are surrounded by the two-legged and four-legged family and friends they love most.

Susan and BILL FOLLANSBEE are pictured in the second photo with sons Ben and Chris, daughter Kate, son-in-law Logan, and their grandson, Cooper.

GEORGE HRITZ was a founder of Princeton in Africa in 1999 and has served as its president since 2004. He is now president emeritus. New president Jim Robinson ’72 thanked George "for his years of guidance, insight, and passion, which are a large part of the reason PiAf is where it is today.” JIM FLOYD continues as vice president of this remarkable group, which received 421 applications just last year and placed 34 fellows throughout Africa.

REUNIONS: June 1-3. Lots of good times planned.

April 25, 2012

SANDY MURDOCK, now boasting a new knee, promises to be back on his bike before this appears. He says he is "semi-retired,” but pursuing occasional legal assignments, writing about local high school sports, and teaching commercial, college, and high school courses isn’t exactly slothful. "Six awesome grandkids and divided evenly: three in Connecticut and three in Colorado,” Sandy says.

If you can’t tell which is Barbara, which is BOB WOLFE, and which is the camel, try harder.

Angie and BOB BUECHNER’s foursome in best bib and tucker: Brad (21), senior at Wake Forest; Leslie (25), living in New York; Julie (31), in Cincinnati; and Rob (29), in Austin, Texas.

April 4, 2012

RICHARD LAND continues to offer vision and vigor to the Southern Baptist Leadership, to which he has given such devotion for many years. Rich has served as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission since 1988.

Chipper report from JIM KUZMICK whose "fun retirement continues apace.” They boast three grandsons and took the 7- and 8-year-old boys on a Disney cruise. "Who’d a thunk it?” he says.

A tip of the class cap to DON COWLES, who was a 2011 Humanitarian Award Honoree recognized by the Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities. The award recognizes those Richmond residents who "have demonstrated a commitment to the promotion of respect and understanding among people of diverse racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds.” Jane and Don’s daughter, Lindsay, is an accomplished painter (as one can view on lindsaycowlesart.blogspot.com), and her sister, Katie, has graduated from Furman in studio art and is pursuing a master’s degree in art education. Jane is adding trees to Richmond’s urban area as part of a major Garden Club of Virginia effort to clean up Chesapeake Bay.

The Episcopal Church in Princeton is the beneficiary of continuing support from HARRY MURRAY, MIKE GEHRET, and HENRY REATH.

PETER TALIAFERRO reports that BILL BAKER "does a great job as Gilman ’65 class correspondent and the class really appreciates his time and effort in that role.”

Prayers and healing thoughts are directed toward Jane and TOM PIRELLI as she confronts serious health challenges. Tom anticipates Reunions 2012, as the Dickey-Larrimer Room at Tiger Inn will be dedicated to all their former rugby captains. "We are still mourning the loss of TERRY LARRIMER, and now we lost WADE EPPS [July 17, 2011], another one of our teammates,” Tom said.

Stunning word of the sudden death of JIM BLACKBURN March 5. Our love to Cyndy on the great loss of a great guy.

March 21, 2012

Anne and SEAN CONNOR lead the enviable kind of lives that reward them and those around them as well. Son Alex is in New York, where he works as an IBM consultant. Daughter Sarah is a third-year student at Tufts Medical School. Anne is president-elect of their much-loved First Unitarian Church and volunteers in providing rides to medical appointments for local seniors. Sean keeps the garden and the yard in good order while volunteering at the food pantry and teaching at the Rhode Island Free Clinic.

Enviable energy reflected in PAUL DAVIDS’ career: "Now performing comedy rap songs as Professor Hack Hard Drive, available for download everywhere. Latest three films produced and directed, released to TV via NBC Universal and also on DVD: Before We Say Goodbye, Jesus in India, and The Sci-Fi Boys. Due out later this year is:The Life After Death Project. Meanwhile, son Scott was editor on Bruno, Flight of the Conchords; Borat, and Knocked Up. Whew!

All is well with Rhetta and REESE HORTON. Their daughter, Rachel, is in law school at Drexel, so they spend most of their vacations going to Philadelphia to see her. Reece just passed 2,900 swimming miles and hopes to reach 5,000 by our 50th.

March 7, 2012

Last year was a fine one for Elta and JIM JOHNSTON in Jackson, Miss. Son Brannan and wife Tamsyn welcomed Savannah, grandchild No. 1, on Sept. 20. The Johnstons’ second grandchild, Ben, was born to daughter Lea and husband Wes three days later. The year culminated with Jim’s 65th birthday and retirement from his distinguished career as a gastroenterologist on Dec. 21

MORE DOUBLE BLESSINGS: Father of the bride . . . and the groom! Penny and JAY SWIGART enjoyed daughter Victoria’s marriage to Ryan Smith July 17. Then son John ’04 married Cate Crowley Sept. 10. John just completed his PhD at Stanford in aeronautical and astronautical engineering.

Twenty-five cheerful folk joined the Princeton Alumni Association of Germany for Thanksgiving dinner. Our late classmate JOHN SEASE and DAVID FISHER founded the club 25 years ago, and David and Ethel hosted the gathering where Leoni Sease and son Eric were part of the gathering.

As of last October, CAM FERENBACH was appointed to the federal bench as US magistrate judge for the District of Nevada. This news courtesy of BILL "The Baltimore Variety” EARLE!

The Class of ’69 Scholar is Diego Vargas ’12. His home base is Miami, his concentration is in computer science, and he hopes to follow that dream or, perhaps, software-development or research. A photographer with The Daily Princetonian, he is a representative to the Mathey College Council. When not pursuing intramural soccer, he also has a part-time gig at Firestone Library.

Other students currently on campus are being lent a hand by the PETER A. KAHN Memorial Scholarship; the WILLIAM PARR THORPE and Judy Frear Thorpe Class of 1969 Financial Aid Fund; the LEONARD SCHAEFFER Scholarship; the Alexander P.G. ’07, Josephine B. ’02, and PAUL G. SITTENFELD ’69 Family Scholarship; and the Maxwell Hillegas Kratz 1899 and RICHARD DRAKE KRATZ ’69 Scholarship.

Our hearts go out to SHELDON REAVEN and his five children. His wonderful wife, Diana, died Jan. 11, 2012.

February 8, 2012

Thanks to TOM WEBB for word that Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice RANDALL T. SHEPARD will retire in March. Appointed to the court in 1985, he has been chief justice since 1987 and is the longest-serving state court chief justice in the nation. A couple of his career highlights are the creation of "Courts in the Classroom,” which allows schoolchildren an opportunity to learn about the judicial branch. Also, US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts Jr., also a Hoosier, appointed Randy as the only state-court justice on the US Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rule.

Class webmaster JEFF KAPLAN reports: "My daughter, Sarah ’01, gave birth to Henry Abel Kaplan Van Dellen Nov. 17. Patty and I visited Chicago to spend Henry’s first week together. This is the second-cutest baby in the world — second only to ‘insert your own grandchild’s name here’! Here’s a photo of me with my 6-day-old grandson.” 

Joan and JEREMY HUBBALL shared a life-affirming story. Their Samantha, the youngest of their four children at age 25, has had a rare genetic disorder, Wilson’s disease, for many years. With it under control, she has led a full and active life. Then, quite suddenly, the disease surfaced in a critical way. Blessed by the availability of a perfectly matched liver for transplant and peerless medical supervision, Sam has a bright future and unendingly grateful parents. Their only request is that all of us consider signing on as organ donors. As they say, this is a unique opportunity to make the extraordinary gift of life.

January 18, 2012

Nov. 12 on campus was a splendid day. The class meeting was highlighted by a discussion of future mini-reunions following the successful Springfield visit this past October. After the traditional ’69 pre-game tailgate, a large group of classmates enjoyed the fall dinner at Prospect and hearing Professor Steve Pacala, director of the Princeton Environmental Institute, speak about the consequences of political deadlock delaying addressing climate-change issues. His observations were engaging, energetic, and sometimes controversial.

Sharing the evening were: GREG ZAIC and Cheryl Patterson; Barbara and BOB WOLFE; Lou and X SHANNONKEN MERTZ; Pinky and CLAY MCELDOWNEY; Maureen and JEFF MARSTON; Marcy and NIEL LEWIS; Vickye and EARL KIVETT; Chris and RICK KITTO; Tertia and MIKE KIESEL; Sue and STEVE KENNEDYJEFF KAPLAN; Marilyn and CHIP JERRY; Leigh and DAN HARMAN; Mary and RANDY HACKPAUL HANLE and Joan Burroughs; Lor and MIKEGEHRET; Judy and CHUCK FREYER; Amy and BRUCE FREEMAN; Anne and BILL CHARRIER; Lloyd and THACHER BROWNANDY BROWN; Susan andSTEVE BOUGHNDICK BOTTJIM BLACKBURN; and Lorette and DON ADAMS.

If it’s a gaggle of geese, is it a cacophony of Kivetts? On Blair Arch steps, Vickye and Earl’s family celebrated the Aug. 6 wedding of son Jason ’03 to Nikola Holmes in the Chapel. The newlyweds live in Manhattan, where Jason, having earned an MBA at MIT Sloan, is in investment banking at Barclays. Gathered round are grandchildren Emma, Donald, and Charlotte; son Gavin; daughter Meredith; and son-in-law Scott Ohnegian and wife Stephanie ’90, who has just become president of her Princeton class. "It was a proud and fun moment!”

Our son, P.G. Sittenfeld ’07, victimizes his classmates much as his father has done: freshman class president; soundly defeated for sophomore class president; and current class secretary. Now, he is positioned to burden many more people after his election as a member of Cincinnati’s City Council. This shameless mention is justified only because so very many ’69ers lent encouragement to his campaign along the way. May he serve wisely and well.

Minnie and BRENT HENRY, vice chair of the University’s board of trustees, co-hosted the Association of Black Princeton Alumni’s reception on Martha’s Vineyard last summer.

   The Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize was co-created by PETER KAMINSKY with his brother, Bob, and they serve as executive producers of the annual extravaganza. This year’s event included the likes of Will Ferrell, Conan O’Brien, and Ed Asner. The current Most Valuable Player salute went to . . . drum roll . . . Peter!

The Sept. 26 Financial Times featured a splendid piece on MICHAEL PORTER: "The Harvard professor who changed business with his ‘five basic forces’ is attempting to revolutionize capitalism again.”

Happy new year to all!

December 14, 2011

DICK and Marian BOTT enjoyed lunch in Lyon, France, this summer with GEORGE SHERIDAN. George is back teaching in Eugene, Ore.

The fifth Class of 1969 mini-reunion is a happy memory. Some gathered with Rosemary and ALAN MEYERS in St. Louis before heading to Springfield, Ill., and others with Deborah Solomon and BRUCE ROSENBERG in Chicago. The visit to defining venues in the life of Abraham Lincoln could not have been more special. Grateful thanks, in addition to those extended to Rosemary, Alan, and Bruce, go to Robert Lanphier (Yale ’54), who made all kinds of remarkable opportunities available to us. Two noted Lincoln scholars, Michael Burlingame ’64 and Cullom Davis ’57, spoke to us, and prez BILL CHARRIER gracefully pulled together the pieces. Perfect weather and much conviviality were shared by Nell and BOB ANDRE, who came from Seattle and received long-distance honors. Others were: Christie and BOB AXELROD, Ann Brophy and JIM BROWN, Anne Charrier, BRUCE DEBOLT, Judy and CHUCK FREYER, Jane and JIM GREGOIRE, Marie and BILL HARDY, Leigh and DAN HARMAN, Alice and CARY HAYWOOD, Lindsay and ERIC JOHNSON, Patty and JEFF KAPLANCURT KEHR, Pinky and CLAY MCELDOWNEYKEN MERTZ, Ronnie Liebowitz and BOB RAYMAR, M.C. and DEREK SAVAGE, Michelle and BOB SHEIPE, Betsy and PAUL SITTENFELD, and Joan and TOM WEIDNER. Joan, a veteran runner, has just completed the New York Marathon!

November 16, 2011

Kudos to Princeton Internship in Civic Service (PICS), which has mushroomed from the original Class of ’69 Community Service Fund. Since the summer of 1996 (when there were 13 internships), the program has placed more than 600 students, and just last summer placed 75 in civic-engagement positions . . . and this still was only a fraction of those who applied. Chair CHUCK FREYER and executive director SEVA JAFFE KRAMER lead a talented team of board members, mentors, volunteers, and contributors.

DAN KIGER is in his 11th year as director of pastoral care at Marion (Ohio) General Hospital and is a United Methodist minister. Judy continues in the mortgage business. Their son Matthew, director of digital advertising for WABC in New York, lives in Greenwich, Conn., with his wife, Claire Brassier, and their children, Madison, Lukas, and Aiden. Son Dan, in the film industry, lives in West Hollywood, Calif.

Maureen and JEFF MARSTON’s daughter, Emily (Swarthmore ’97), was married in the hills above Blacksburg, Va., Sept. 10. Her sister, Kelly ’95, was the matron of honor.

CLAY MCELDOWNEY, JIM BLACKBURN, JIM GREGOIRE, and RANDY SHEPARD ably represented the class at the festivities.

October 26, 2011

If being Lutheran stimulates such happy faces, conversion may be something to consider. DAVID SWARTLING vertically validates that "40-plus years ago I looked up to CHRIS THOMFORDE, and I still do.” Their paths have crossed by way of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Chris is an ELCA pastor and current president of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary, and David serves as secretary of the denomination: "This is what can happen to a recovering lawyer,” David said.

Meanwhile, details of Yale weekend. Saturday, Nov. 12, begins with a class meeting (all are welcome) in the Hearth Room of Maclean House. Next is an 11:30 a.m. class tailgate before the game. Dinner at 6:30 that evening will be at Prospect and will feature one of Princeton’s most renowned experts in global climate change, Professor Steve Pacala, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and director of the Princeton Environmental Institute. All good stuff: Watch the website for more details and sign ups. Please join us.

October 5, 2011

ANDY STEELE shares this: When JIM GREGOIRE and JIM SMITH stopped by Enfield, N.H., this past July, the group hiked up Mount Assurance to admire a view of Lake Mascoma. The photo itself is courtesy of Andy's wife Anne, and shown (l-r) are Jim Smith, Jane Gregoire, Jim, Lou Smith, and Andy.

   More summer days: Together in Maine on Great Cranberry Island in August were ALEX SANGER, Yuri Taylor, Jeannette Sanger, SEAN CONNOR, Anne Connor, and JONATHAN TAYLOR.
    Circle Nov. 12 on your calendars for the Yale game at Princeton preceded by a class meeting and tailgate and followed by a class dinner. Details to follow.

September 14, 2011

Not too late to sign up for the ’69 mini-reunion exploring Abraham Lincolnland in Springfield, Ill., Oct. 14-16. Please join us. Click here to register.

JOHN MODZELEWSKI reports: "Things are bumping along in Boston after a financially challenging (read: disastrous) couple of years. Both children are out of college — one in NYC working and one snowboarding down sand dunes in Chile. First year with no college tuitions — yeah! Making up for it by signing up for farm shares. Never knew kohlrabi could cost so much. In fact, never knew there was a plant called kohlrabi. Still in love with wife Phoebe, still skiing, playing handball.”

Stevelyn and BOB BUENGER will be building a place on Lake Conroe, about 50 miles north of Dallas: the happy consequence of recent retirement.

The U. of California at Santa Barbara boasts MARTIN SCHARLEMANN as interim chair of its math department. "With the California economy a train wreck, the word ‘retirement’ keeps creeping into my conversations . . . ”

The Association of Professional Chaplains presented its service award this year to GEORGE HANDZO at its annual conference. It is given to a chaplain "who demonstrates a commitment to excellence in professional chaplaincy and has offered a unique contribution to contemporary chaplaincy care.”

Trudy and GARY SYKES are back in Princeton after 25 years at Michigan State’s College of Education. Trudy is retired and Gary has a post at the Educational Testing Service. They look forward to getting involved in the Princeton community and catching up with old friends.

Our sympathy to GENE GULLAND and his children, Michael, Molly, and Samuel, on the May 11 death of Tina. Gene’s wife was an accomplished journalist and active volunteer at Washington Jesuit Academy in the District.

Stunning news with the sudden death of much admired and loved WADE EPPS in Burlington, N.J., Sunday, July 17, 2011.

The class has memorials for Wade Epps, Graham Hunter and Jeff Mansuy posted here.

July 6, 2011

Reunions — 42nd edition — were mellow and winning. Impresarioed by Anne and BILL CHARRIER, DAN HARMAN, and RICK KITTO, the successful pattern of recent years was a great success. An informal dinner in the Class of ’69 Meditation Garden Friday evening attracted our gang along with the Theatre Intime bunch. Saturday lunch, again in the garden, preceded the P-rade. The weather cooperated rather well: Sunny and warm skies were punctuated by a brief downpour following the P-rade and before the class dinner.

Long-distance honors went to Etel and DAVID FISHER, longtime mainstay of Princeton’s German alumni group, in from Wiesbaden, Germany. Dave was on hand on hand to participate in the Battle of the Bands, and he performed with his Peacock Crossing comrades.

PROUD PARENTS WERE MANY. Marian and DICK BOTT ’s daughter, Christina ’13, joined with the rest of The Roaring 20 to entertain us. Those with graduating seniors included: Virginia and WALTER CHOW saluting their Carla and Carlton; Kate and DENNIS LEAHY, their Megan; Mary Beth and BROOKE STODDARD, their Barbara; MIKE PORTER, his Sonia; Melissa and RON SVERDLOVE, their Rachel; and Betsy and DON DIXON, their Andrew.

BOB AXELROD $poke in support of AG. CHUCK FREYER reported an astounding 492 applicants for Community Service Fund internships, with 74 awarded for this summer, and class webmaster JEFF KAPLAN reported on all the amazing things our website is now able to offer. More than 90 members of the class family shared the convivial evening.

Sunday featured a class canoeing excursion lead by PHILO ELMER.

Here’s to a summer of good times and good health.
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