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51st Reunion, 2020
  May 28-31
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  May 27-30

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  May 19-22


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Williamsburg Mini 2015

Jeff Marston leads the locomotive
A pair of Foxes and a Beeson.jpg
Alan and Rosemary Meyers
Andre looking Princetonish.jpg
Anne and Maureen
Anne and Another Famous American (1).jpg
Peter Taliaferro at Artifact Lecture
Big Mc.jpg
Bill, Granny, and Reba.jpg
Bob Andre and Jeff Marston
Bonnie and Clay.jpg
Dick Bott and Vicki Kehr
Bott, Rosenberg, Marcy and Niel Lewis
Marcy Lewis and Dick Bott
Brain Trust .. Bott and Charrier.jpg
Lor Gehret and Andy Brown
Bruce and Debbie
Chris Kitto and Ken Mertz
Sunday golfers Granville, Derek and Cary
Sunday golfers Clay, Rick, Steve, and Bob
Granville and Reba
Our tour guide at Historic Jamestown, Bill Kelso
Dan Harman, Bill Kelso, Rick Kitto
Rosemary and Alan Meyers and Dick Bott examining Jamestown artifacts
Dick Bott at Yorktown
Boarding our sloops for sailing on the York River
On the York River
Patrick Henry addresses the Class of '69
Keynote Speaker Taylor Reveley ’65, President of The College of William & Mary with George Green
Richard Land
Andy Brown, Maureen Marston and Pinky McEldowney
Andy and Bonnie
Bob Andre
Cary and Alice Haywood
Jeff and Eric -- pay attention to the tour guide!! (In Williamsburg)
Cary Haywood
Granville, Jeff, Cary, and Clay -- with Tiger
"The Planning Team" -- Clay, Dan, Jeff, Ken, and Rick (Where was Pinky??)
Derek and Mary Catherine (MC) Savage
Sue and Steve
Jane and Jim
Pinky and Clay
Clay and Cary Hall
Dinner at Shield’s Tavern, Williamsburg. Sheldon, Jack and Pam, David and Roberta, Tom
Niel and Marcy Lewis
Leigh, Susan and Peter Taliaferro and Dan Harman
Alan and Rosemary Meyers and Marty and Martin Smith
Andy Brown, Tina and John Fox and Bonnie Post
Becky Land, Marie and Bill Hardy, Reba Beeson, Granville Burgess and Richard Land
Dan and MC.jpg
Debbie and Bruce.jpg
Historic Jamestown
On the York River Bill Hardy Hoisting Sail
Clay and Jim
Taylor Reveley '65, President of The College of William & Mary
Friday Reception at Williamsburg Lodge
Peter and Susan Taliaferro
Leigh Harman, Bill and Marie Hardy
Friday Dinner
Faking Attention at a Learned Lecture.jpg
Fife and Drum P-Rade to Saturday Colonial Dinner
Fleet for the Day.jpg
Fleming, Mertz, McEldowney and Post.jpg
Fox, Lewis, Meyerson.jpg
Gregoire and Kennedy.jpg
Dan Harman introducing Bill Kelso
Jamestown is a Live Dig
Eric Johnson and Bott.jpg
Eric Johnson
Kennedy and Meyerson Looking' Good.jpg
Kennedy, Greens, Jane G.jpg
The President Speaks
Land and Brown.jpg
Lewis ... Up in the Air.jpg
Lindsay, Bonnie, and Pinky
Martin Smith
McEldowney,Kaplan, Harman, Mertz, Kitto.jpg
Mike and Lor.jpg
Mike, Lor, Anne, Marie.jpg
Niel and Marcy Lewis
Pam Putman (center)
Patty Kaplan
Pinky and Clay.jpg
Leigh and Dan Harman
Kaplan, Harman and Meyer
Reaven, Harman, and Brown.jpg
Rosenberg, Solomon,McEldowney, and Johnson.jpg
Sailboats are Pretty.jpg
Sailboating requires Continuous Attention to our Multi-tasking Captain
Martin and Marty Smith and Bill and Marie Hardy
Starving Artist Kehr.jpg
Thank You Clay.jpg
The '69 Gang (1).jpg
Tina, Roberta and David Johnson
Uncle Rick.jpg
Vicki and Debbie.jpg
Vicki and Leigh.jpg
Bill Kelso at Historic Jamestown
Kennedy Working the Sail
_, Reaven and Marston.jpg
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