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Springfield mini Reunion


Springfield Mug Shots

Springfield Mini-Reunion Itinerary, Page 1
Springfield Mini-Reunion Itinerary, Page 2
SNTL 13Oct St. Louis walking tour.jpg
Cardinal Red fountain looks more like Princeton Orange! St. Louis, Oct. 14, 2011
SNTL 13Oct U.S. Grant statue.jpg
SNTL 13Oct Dan and Ken tour St. Louis.jpg
SNTL 13Oct Gregoirs at the Arch.jpg
Chicago class dinner at Gene & Georgetti's
SP 10-13 Dinner at Gene & Georgetti's.jpg
Bruce with Alice Haywood
On the bus to New Salem
SPFLD 14Oct Michael Burlingame speaking on bus.jpg
Prof. Burlingame and Bob Lanphier in New Salem
SPFLD 14Oct Enjoying a gourmet boxed lunch.jpg
Eric and Jim along the Sangamon River
Touring New Salem: Hardy, Johnson and Rosenberg
SPFLD 14OCT Jim in New Salem.jpg
SPFLD 15 Oct Cooper's Workshop, New Salem.JPG
Touring New Salem
The Weidners in New Salem
SPFLD 14Oct_Leader Bruce with Lincoln.jpg
Bruce coordinating in New Salem
Outside Lincoln's Tomb
SPFLD 14Oct Michael Burlingame with Paul and Leigh.jpg
SPFLD 14Oct Charriers with Lincoln.JPG
SPFLD 14Oct Group touring Lincoln's Tomb.jpg
SPFLD 14Oct Lincoln's Tomb closeup.JPG
SPFLD 14Oct Lincoln's Tomb.jpg
SPFLD 14OCT Dan and Bob Contemplate Lincoln.jpg
SPFLD 14OCT Monument in Lincoln's Tomb.jpg
Debbie visits our hospitality suite
Old State Capitol
SPFLD 14Oct Whither, Bill.jpg
SPFLD 14Oct Lincoln's seat with hat at Old State House.JPG
SPFLD 14OCT Bruce Charms a Southern Belle.jpg
Good food and good company at dinner on Oct. 14
SPFLD 14OCT Paul and Bob Enjoying Springfield Hospitality.jpg
SPFLD 14OCT In the House Chambers.jpg
Bruce DeBolt and Jeff and Patty Kaplan at the Old State House
SPFLD 14Oct Cullom Davis speaks at the State House.jpg
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library
SPFLD 15OCT Bruce & Debbie at Lincoln Library Lunch.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln's Top Hat.jpg
SPFLD 15Oct Clay and Leigh focus on The Hat.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Prospective Clerk at Lincoln-Herndon.jpg
Lincoln Home
SPFLD 15Oct Outside Lincoln's House.jpg
Visiting the Lincoln Home
SPFLD 15OCT More Lincoln Clerk Candidates.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln's Federal Court.jpg
SPFLD 15Oct Lincoln-Herndon Law Office.JPG
SPFLD 15Oct Inspecting law office.jpg
SPFLD 15Oct Good conversation at Lincoln Library.jpg
Inspecting Lincoln's law office
SPFLD 15OCT Inside Lincoln-Herndon Law Office.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Joanie Peck in '69 finery.jpg
Lunch at Lincoln Presidential Library - 3 of 3
Lunch at Lincoln Presidential Library - 1 of 3
Honor Guard at Lincoln Museum Dinner
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln and Savage Families.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln Family, Ann Brophy, & Jim Brown.jpg
Third entry Pyne cronies from freshman year: Kaplan, Rosenberg, Kehr and the Lincolns.
Lunch at Lincoln Presidential Library - 2 of 3
SPFLD 15Oct Bill Hardy gets marching orders.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln and Andre Families.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln and Hardy Families.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Burlingame at the Lecturn.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln and Harman Families.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln and Haywood Families.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln Family, Paul Sittenfeld, Bill Lanphier.jpg
SPFLD 15OCT Lincoln, Jim Patton, Michael Burlingame.jpg
Sunday Brunch at the Lincoln Hotel
Patty Kaplan, Mary Savage and Leigh Harman at brunch
Brown, Brophy and Rosenberg at Sunday Brunch
Lincoln Hotel brunch Oct 16
Sunday Brunch Oct 16
STL 16Oct Cahokia Mounds.jpg
STL 16Oct St. Louis from Cahokia.JPG
STL 16Oct Monk's Mound.JPG
Johnsons, Rosenberg-Solomon, Kehr and DeBolt at the University of Chicago Oct 16
Kehr, DeBolt, Rosenberg, Johnson at U of Chicago
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