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Charlottesville Mini 2012

At Devil's Backbone.jpg
Charrier & Milton.jpg
Curt's big smile!
DeBolt introduces Prof. Looney.jpg
Dinner at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Dr. Jeff Looney.jpg
Emily explains.jpg
Freyer at Wintergreen sunrise.jpg
Freyer pitches CSF.jpg
Group Leader Marston.jpg
Hardy, Schmenner, Chris Kitto at Ashlawn.jpg
Chuck, Claus and Annette listening closely at Devil's Backbone
Bruce Rosenberg with Eric and Lindsay Hansen
Learning about Poplar Forest.jpg
Learning from Emily Ferguson.jpg
Lunch at Montpelier.jpg
Monticello reflections.jpg
Orange and Black at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Pres. Monroe.jpg
Prof. Stagg.jpg
Reaven & Brown at Montpelier.jpg
Shannon and Kitto.jpg
Showing off Anne's new knee.jpg
Sunday morning hiking group.jpg
Thatcher Brown.jpg
Wintergreen Hike Vista View.jpg
Andy Brown.jpg
Ann Brophy, Kathy Fleming, Frank Dalton.jpg
Ann Brophy, Kuzmick, Weidners.jpg
Anne & Bill Charrier gracing the countryside.jpg
Anne Charrier.jpg
Assini, Kathy Gaffney, DeBolt, Charrier, Scholars all.jpg
Bill Baron.jpg
Bill Charrier.jpg
Bruce Rosenberg
Carolyn Jones-Assini.jpg
Charrier,Milton, Debolt.jpg
Curt Kehr, Tom, Jeff Kaplan.jpg
Debbie Solomon & Bruce Rosenberg.jpg
Debolt doing his standup gig.jpg
Don Cowles with Prof Stagg.jpg
Frank Dalton.jpg
Granny and Charriers at Ash Lawn.jpg
Hmmmm--Steve Kennedy at Poplar Forest.jpg
Jane Cowles and Madison '71 ( 1771 that is).jpg
Jim and Judy Kuzmick & Alan Meyers.jpg
John Assini.jpg
Marston,Voltz, Kennedy.jpg
Morning at the Greentree.jpg
Rosemary and Alan Meyers at Poplar Forest.jpg
Rosenbergs, Charriers, Kehr.jpg
Sheldon Reaven.jpg
Smelling the flowers - Dalton & Weidner.jpg
Steve Kennedy.jpg
Students All.jpg
The chorus at Monticello.jpg
The Stagg Lecture.jpg
Tom Fleming.jpg
Tom Weidner & Steve Kennedy.jpg
Anne, Jane & Maureen.jpg
Ash Lawn Visit.jpg
Bill at Oktoberfest.jpg
Chatting it up - Steve Kennedy and Judy Kuzmick.jpg
Checking In - Tom & Kathy Fleming.jpg
Chris Milton & Sean Connor.jpg
Chuck & Judy.jpg
Contemplative Granville & Reba.jpg
Dancing Hosts at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Devil's Backbone Serving it Up.jpg
Don Cowles & Harry Volz.jpg
Don Cowles Pensive in Nature.jpg
Dusk at Wintergreen.jpg
Fergusons on the Outcrop.jpg
Gaffney Makes a Point.jpg
Good Conversation at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Hostess with the Mostest.jpg
Jane Gregoire & Clay McEldowney.jpg
Claus Frank and Annette Berman
Lessons from Emily.jpg
Madison's Montpelier.jpg
Marston and Professor Stagg at Ash Lawn.jpg
McCarthy & Brown.jpg
Monticello Environs.jpg
Our Nature Guides - Chip Morgan and Emily Ferguson.jpg
Our Webmaster and President.jpg
Reba Beeson.jpg
Rod, Steve, Roger & Barbie.jpg
Roger & Barbie Schmenner.jpg
Roger & Barbie.jpg
Sean, X & Thacher at Ash Lawn.jpg
Sunday's Reward.jpg
Thacher & Lloyd Brown.jpg
The Founding Fathers.jpg
Time Out - Tom & Joan Weidner.jpg
Tom, Kathy & Randy.jpg
Welcome 1969.jpg
Anne Charrier at Monticello.JPG
Approaching Montpelier.JPG
At Poplar Forest.JPG
Blue Ridge overlook.JPG
Fergusons start to boogie.JPG
Guides Chip Morgan & Emily Ferguson.JPG
Martha Ferguson with the Marstons.JPG
McCarthys and Weidners at Devil's Backbone.JPG
McEldowney, Marston & Burgess lead Old Nassau.JPG
More history at Monticello.JPG
Murph, Bison and Tom with TJ.JPG
Our guide loves his trees.JPG
Saturday Nature Walk.JPG
Annette, Reba and Emily after the hike
Arrival at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Chuck and Judy Freyer.jpg
Enjoying the bus ride.jpg
Granville and friends.jpg
Gregoirs with Jefferson.jpg
Jefferson in PU69 cap.jpg
Jefferson plus three.jpg
Men of '69 with Jefferson.jpg
Bar-b-que Dinner at Devil's Backbone.jpg
Niel and Marcy Lewis.jpg
Our beer provider.jpg
Mustering for Sunday hike.jpg
Our sunday guides.jpg
Poplar Forest tour.jpg
Posing with Jefferson.jpg
Colonel Monroe.jpg
Science everywhere.jpg
Sunday hike group photo.jpg
The beauty of Monticello.jpg
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