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Class of '69, 50th Reunion

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Updated June 2, 2019


Don and Lorette Adams

Charles Alexander and Timothy McCormick

James and Joan Alley with John Alley

Robert Andre

Elise Arena (Class Associate)

Stephen and Patti Arnold

Ray and Kathleen Arsenault

John Assini and Carolyn Jones-Assini

Bob Axelrod and Christy Wise

Joel and Frannie Babb

Jaromir and Lynn Babicka

Clifford Baker

William and Nancy Baker and Maddie Galarraga

John and Carol Callahan Balkcom

Bob and Susan Bank

John Barnard and Sharon Simpson

Tim Barner and Kathy Guthrie 

William and Deena Baron

Tracie Bell

William and Karen Benjamin

Rich and Deirdre Benson with Jennifer and Brennan Riley

Peter Bergquist and Antoinette Courtin with Kirstin, James and Layla Nagy, Caryn Bergquist, and Susan Reese

Jay Bestmann and Pam Weinberger

Gair and Susan Betts

Stanley and Donna Bienus

Christopher Binns

James Bledsoe

Dickson and Emily Boenning

George and Emilie Boggs

Greg and Kim Bohart

Dennis Bonebreak

George Boomer and Caroline Chen

Dick and Marian Bott with Wendy Goldstein

Steve and Susan Boughn

Grainger and Sandy Bowman with Leanna, Logan and Tessa Goodrich

Richard and Vicki Seltzer Brach

Rich and Taylor Bracken with David, Geoffrey and John Bracken

Richard and Patti Bramhall

Brent and Claudine Brandon

John and Ann Breihan

Stephen and Cyndy Brenneman

William and Sue Bridenstine

Andy Brown and Bonnie Post

James Brown and Ann Brophy with Emily and Peter Frank, Hannah Brown and Peter Cohen

Robert Brown and Catherine Scallen

Thacher and Lloyd Brown

Roger and Margie Browning

James and Carol Bruce

Robert and Angie Buechner

Robert and Stevelyn Buenger

Granville Burgess and Reba Beeson

John Burgess

Marcus and Lenka Pichlikova Burke

Stephen and Cathleen Buser

Christopher and Kathleen Cairns

Frank and Christine Camacho

Rusty Cargill

John and Erin Carter with Nick and Sam Pelczar

Robert Carter

Vincent and Eileen Caruso 

Jeffrey and Amy Caso

Bill and Anne Charrier

George and Laura Chester

Ronald and Elizabeth Chin

Yue (Mickey) and Selina Chiu

George Clark

George and Barbara Conbeer

Michael and Constance Cone

Sean and Anne Connor

Tom and Mary Cooper

George Cowen

Donald and Jane Cowles

Robert and Gro Coxe

Edward and Kathryn Craig

Stephen Crane and Barbara Dunayev-Crane

Thomas and Dorie Culp with Emily, Chris, Humphrey and Violet Hogue, Amanda, Chip and Lucy Culp, and Sarah, Nate, Gabe, Luke and Nora Massari

Daniel and Vitha Danser

Richard and Renea Darby

Paul Davids

Bruce DeBolt

Don and Betsy Dixon with Peter and Gina Dixon

John Dorfman and Katharine Davidge

Tommy Douglas and Linda Shead

John and Lucy Draper

Robert and Jeanne Drennan

Bob Durkee and Patti Swartz

Bill and Linda Earle

Tim and Diane Ebenreiter

Bruce and Shelly Eckman

Richard and Robin Edwards with Michael, Constance, Eloise, Sam and Winnie Edwards

Dan Epstein and Judy Guitelman

Richard Etlin

Barry Evans

Randy and Lynn Evans

Clotilde Farrell with Joseph, Nina and Christopher Farrell, Katie Yeskel, and Jillian Harris (Class Associate)

Vincent Ferenbach and Mary McCarthy

Rod and Martha Ferguson

Gary Feulner

Joseph Field and Ariane de Vienne with Mike Hetherington and Jenny McCall

Steve Figlewski and Carol Lipsitch

Jim Finefrock and Hatti Hamlin

Roger and Karen Fingerlin

David Fisher and Étel Rauhof-Fisher

Tom and Kathy Fleming

Robert and Denise Fletcher

Jim Floyd and Kim Weston

William and Susan Follansbee

Silas (Buck) and Joan Foot

John and Tina Fox

Douglas Foy

Claus Frank and Annette Berman

Edward Frank

Stephen and Helen Frankel

Bruce and Amy Freeman

Joseph and Lisa Freschi

Chuck and Judith Freyer with Sarah, Alex and Bria Freyer

Jon Friedman and Joanne Barkan

Jim and Kathy Gaffney

Bob and Adrienne Gang

Peter and Deborah Garber

Charles Gardner

Michael and Donna Garton with Jessica and B.J. Szymanski, Jackson and Kelley Garton, Daniela Romero and Gabrielle and Emilia Szymanski

Mike and Lor Gehret

David Gilbert

Thorsteinn and Ransy Gislason

Robert and Jane Golenbock

Wade and Margaret Goodrich

Jeffrey and Liz Gordon

John and Joanne Gordon

Stephen and Ann Graham

Denis Grande

James and Carla Green

James and Jane Gregoire

Neal Grenley and Frances Wise-Grenley with Elizabeth and Ellen Grenley

Haynes and Ginger Griffin

Jim and Linda Grippe

Eugene Gulland and Elizabeth Ellers

Randy and Mary Hack

Kent  and Jean Haggas

Peter and Martine Halban with Alexander and Tania Cherkas Halban and Sam Cherkas

Cary Hall and Pamela Putman

Christopher Hallett and Jackie Lustig

Woodruff and Pauline Chen Halsey

Rod Hamilton

George and Beth Handzo

John and Bonnie Hanks

Paul Hanle and Joan Burroughs

William and Marie Hardy

Dan and Leigh Harman with Victoria Harman

Charles and Linda Harris

Christopher and LeeAnn Hart with Brooke Hart

Raymond Hartman and Susan Brown

John and Marianna Hawkins

Cary and Alice Haywood

Brent Henry and Minnie Baylor-Henry

Doug and Jane Hensler

William Herbert and Mary Dedinsky

Robert and Lynne Herbst

Dan Herrick and Fofo Voltaire-Herrick with Emily and Hussein Kassam

Richard and Joanne Hill

Terrance and Judy Hill

John Hockenberry and Nina Levitt

Hal and May Hoeland

Nicholas Hoff

Steven and Sandra Hohf with Erica Hohf

Lindsay and Nicole Holland

Richard and Jennifer Honeyman

Peter Hooper and Nancy Sullivan

Stephen Houck and Toni Lichstein

George Hritz

Jeremy Hubball

Russell Hubenet

Tom and Deedie Hudnut

Thomas and Gail Huggett

John Hughes and Charlotte Robertson

Win and Kyle Irwin

Bruce Jenett and Nola Masterson

Chip and Marilyn Jerry

David and Roberta Johnson

Eric and Lindsay Johnson with Ashley, Cam, Arzo, Mirweis and Aria Johnson and Eddie Zhang

Janet Johnson (Class Associate) with Richard Mazzola and Jennifer Moyse

Richard and Bobbie Johnson

Tyler Johnson and Mila Holt

Robert Jones

James and Marilyn Jorgensen

Stephen and Kim Sherrill Kahler

James Kalpaxis

Peter and Melinda Kaminsky

Jeffrey and Patty Kaplan

Martin Kaplan and Pamela Gensler

Jeremiah and Pamela Kearney

Ray and Patricia Keck with Joyce, Danny, Adam and Laila Rafati

Lawrence Kegeles

Curt and Vicki Kehr

Stephen and Sue Kennedy

Brian and Heather Kenny

Michael and Tertia Kiesel

Dan and Judy Kiger

Rick and Chris Kitto with Lucas, Krystyn, Jake, Martin, Shervonne, Carolyn, Cliff and Liam Kitto and Lea Furutani 

Earl Kivett

Stephen and Donna Knowlton

James and Jackie Koloski with Katy, Jared, J.J. and Alex Colombo, Mike Koloski and Katie Clune

Seva and Peter Kramer

Howard Krisher and Carol Statkus with Laura Krisher and Kathy Krisher-Kreps

Scott Kruse and Elizabeth Scherer

John and Ann Kubacki

James and Judith Kuzmick

Blair and Barbara Labatt

Lawrence Lamade

Richard Land

Bruce LaPierre and Kathryn Adamchick

Clyde and Celeste Layne

Dennis and Katherine Leahy with Megan Leahy

Harold Leslie

Reed and Glenna Letsinger

Hamilton and Susan Lewis

Henry and Catherine Lewis

Niel and Marcy Baker Lewis

Dennis and Pam Line

Allen Liu

Robert Livesey

Vernon and Monica Lix

Bob and Gail Loveman

Richard and Christine Lyman

Bruce and Rita MacDonald

Joseph Magruder and Kathy Cahill

Frederick and Louise Makrauer

Joe and Barbara Marshall

Jeff and Maureen Marston with Emily Marston, Nelson, Malon and Asalya Lafon, Kelly Marston and Aidan and Fallon Marston-Chakan

Dan Massad

Roderick and Barbara Matheson

Hayden Mathews

Jack McCarthy and Susan Anable

Michael and Deborah McCarthy

Shearwood and Yvonne Thornton McClelland

Michael and Joellyn McCrory with Michael Conor, Jessica, Conor, Charlotte, and Thomas McCrory and Lindsay McCrory, Christopher and Kyle Monti

H. Clay and Pinky McEldowney

Frederick McKnight

Ted and Ellie McLean

Bob and Angenette Meaney

Paul and Nancy Mendis

Ken Mertz and Maria Butz with Stephanie, Ryan, Harper and Miles Pollock and Andrew, Abbey and Macy Mertz

Chris Meyer

Alan and Rosemary Meyers

Jack and Pamela Meyerson with Jeff, Alice and Amy Meyerson, Jennifer Chan and Adam Perrotta

Leo and Pamela Michel

David and Pamela Miller

Marc Miller and Stephanie deSibour

Lawrence and Barbara Mills

Chris and Catherine Milton

John Modzelewski and Phoebe Rogers

Stephen and Kathryn Moffat with Melissa Moffat and Jason Donnell

Larry and Elizabeth Morris

Garlan and Jody Morse

George and Serie Morton

Thomas Muller

Sandy Murdock

David and Cynthia Myerberg

Robert Myers

Robert and Carla Myerson

Steven Newman and Sharon Heyka

Stuart and Carol Fensholt Nierenberg

Herbert and Meg Nipson

George and Peggy O'Brien

Steven O'Brien and Roger Evans

David and Barbara Okerson

John and Mary Anne O'Meara

Michael and Trish O'Neill

Jesse Okie and Mary Harrington

Mark and Linda Olson with Melissa, Scott and Caroline Olson

Clinton and Christine Oster

Bill Pape and Josie Rodriguez

Thomas and Catherine Park

Alan and Rasa Pavilanis with Antonina, Claudia and Christian Pavilanis

Frank and Donna Pearsall

Jeff and Liz Peek

David and Karen Pensak

Timothy and Calico Perry

Geoffrey Peterson and Deborah Savadge

Edward and Joan Petrillo

Jeff Pidot and Jym St. Pierre

Al and Jeannette Piranian

Tom and Jane Pirelli

John Poole and Carol Chance

Ron Prusek and Joanne Carr

Gregory and Patricia Purcell

James Pyle and Sheila Moy

Charles Ragan and Julie Hoff

Richard Rahders and Marcella Laddon with Sonya Rahders

Richard Railsback and Yuki Banks

William and Glenda Ramsay

Stephen Ramsey and Ann Jones

Robert Raymar and Marilyn Luber

David and Molly Raymond

Cleveland (Sandy) Rea and Stephanie Judson with Julia and Elizabeth Judson-Rea, Craig and William Dulniak and Dan and Ryder Amstutz

Sheldon Reaven and Melissa Etlin

Stephen Reed

Richard Rein and Nell Whiting

Richard Ress and Terry Mahoney

David Rice and Dora Townsend

Graham Richard

George Richardson

Steven and Ann Riggs

Cliff Roberson

Barry and Sally Robinson with Eryn, Tyler, Kendal and Chandler Robinson, and Anna Levikova and Jordan Malhame and Shane Cullen and Chandler Robinson and Suji Jeong.

Harry and Peggy Robinson

Chip Roh and Maureen Gevlin

John Rose

Bruce Rosenberg and Debbie Solomon

David and Kathy Rothenberger with Gretchen, Beat, Quinn and Paxton Baudenbacher.

William Russell

Gerald and Mellieny Saltarelli

Robert Saner

Alex and Jeannette Sanger

James Saslow

Steven and Ronda Satkamp with Amy, Keg, Michael, Keg Jr. and Suzy Avakian

Derek and Mary Catherine Savage

Roger and Barbara Schmenner

Richard and Maryel Schneider

Douglas and Hilory Seaton

Ronald and Jeannie Seck

Michael Sena

Wilson and Patricia Seyfried

X and Lou Shannon

Fred and Lori Shearer

Randy Shepard and Amy MacDonell

David Sheppard

Austin Sherer

George Sheridan

James and Kathy Sherman

Jim Shuey and Kathleen Hursh

Barry Miles and Elaine Silverlight with Jocelyn and Gabrielle Silverlight and Brian Hamilton

Stuart and Ellen Silverman

Paul and Betsy Sittenfeld

James and Nancy Slater

Marion and Camille Sleet

Margery Slonaker (Class Associate)

Clyn Smith and Chris Campbell

Hayden and Betty Smith

James and Ruth Smith

Martin and Marty Smith

David and Beverly Spencer

Jeff and Martha Sprowles

Andy and Annabelle Steele

George and Deborah Stern

Allan and Linda Stitzer with Lydia, Grace, Allan Jr., Abbey Jordan and Claire Stitzer and James, Dawn and Tori Alpaugh

Brooke and Marybeth Stoddard

John Stossel and Ellen Abrams

Richard and Raina Stuart with Alison Stuart

Ronald Sverdlove and Melissa Bohl

David and Barbara Swartling

Jay and Penny Swigart

Gary and Trudy Sykes with Catherine Sykes, Anne Sykes-Freebury,   Russell Dunn, Matt Freebury, Ben Dunn, Elise Dunn, Lily Dunn, and Sophia Freebury

Peter and Susan Taliaferro

Jonathan and Maggie Taplin

John and Linda Tatum

Jonathan and Yuri Taylor

Robert Taylor and Toni Egger

John and Emily Tepe

Robert and Laura Thielbar

Dale Thomas

Chris and Kathy Thomforde

Bob and Mary Battle Thompson

Frank Thomson

Bill and Judy Thorpe

Stephen Tracy

Gregory Treverton

Ridge and Diana Trimble

Wayne and Lisa Van Citters with Peter, Kathleen, Meghan, Robrt and Thomas Van Citters

Ronald and Victoria Visco

Harry and Emily Volz

Jeffrey von Arx

Marty Wagner and Elizabeth Cotsworth

Ross and J.J. Wales

Walter and Marina Walne

James and Michaela Warden

Gary and Linda Watts with Sofia and Jesper Ohlson

David and Pamela Waud

Thomas and Bonnie Webb

Theodore and Mary Webber

Steven and Kathleen Weed

Tom and Joan Weidner with Matt Weidner

David Weinberger with Jonathan Weinberger

Albert Wenzell and Marian Hudson

Robert and Susan Anne Wertz

Charles and Lydia Whitehead

Alan and Connie Wilensky

Gary and Linda Williams

Frank and Lilian Wilson

Hank Wilson

Jay and Stephanie Wilson

Wayne Wilson and Siri Wilson

Gerald Wolfe and Joyce Morgenroth

Bob and Barbara Wolfe

Raymond (Gary) Wright

John Sacret Young

Terence and Karen Young

Gregory Zaic and Cheryl Patterson-Zaic

Bruce and Elizabeth Zuckerman with Ellen Zuckerman, Eddie Burgess and Will and Henry Dobbs Allsopp

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