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Alumni Day Class Dinner

Feb. 24,2024


55th Reunion!

  May 23-26, 2024


Erdman Center info




Class of 1969's 55th Reunion

How to Use our Mobile Site

Use your mobile device to make the most of Reunions!

Once you start using our mobile site, you’ll have access to reminders, photos, returning classmates, and lots more.  Here’s what to do:

Log onto princeton1969.org from your mobile device.  It will automatically detect that you're mobile and route you to our mobile site.  If this is your first time, the first screen you'll see is your "Settings" page:

This page allows you to opt to receive reminders via text and/or email.  We will send only a few reminders each day, to alert you to Class of '69 events that you won't want to let slip by!


Once you SAVE your settings, you'll be routed to the Mobile Home Page, which is the first page you'll see on all future logins.  It looks like this:

This page serves as your entry-point to all Reunions-relatedinformation, and gives you some amazing powers. If you click any of the daily "Schedule of Events" links, you can see the schedule of all ’69-related events on a per-day basis (sample at right).


The Who's Coming to Reunions (left) and Class Directory (right)  pages show you not only who has signed up for Reunions, but who has actually arrived (the name background turns green).  The Class Directory page lets you look up any classmate (example below) and call him or send him a text or email with a single click!  Hooray for modern technology.





The Share your Photos page (left) allows you to upload photos from your mobile device directly to our web site.  We'll fill the 50th Reunion Album in real time (and then clean it up later).  Of course, you can browse the site to see other classmates' photos via the 50th Reunions Photos link


The remaining links are self-explanatory.  "Blog" gives you access to the blog postings that you've been seeing on our main web site (this one!) every week plus any new information we post during Reunions. "Browse Main Website" re-directs your browser to our full-scale website.  "General Univ Reunions Mobile Site" directs your browser to the University's official mobile site.  And "Reunion Alert Settings" is the page you saw when you first accessed this site.  It allows you to modify your Alerts choices. 

Use the Mobile Site and enjoy our 50th!

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