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  May 20-23

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47th Reunion 2016

69's 47th in 16 wristband
CLAY_10527_20160528_69's47th in 16_Holder Courtyard.JPG
CLAY_10532_20160527_69's47th in 16__Beach Boy Mike Love_Holder Courtyard.JPG
CLAY_10534_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jeff Marston.JPG
CLAY_10535_20160528_69's47th in 16_Maureen Marston.JPG
CLAY_10537_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pinky and Clay '69.JPG
CLAY_10541_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pinky Clay '69 Jane Gregoire.JPG
CLAY_10543_20160528_69's47th in 16_Karen Mineur and Roger Fingerlin_'69 class lunch.JPG
CLAY_10545_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jim and Jane Gregoire '69 class lunch.JPG
CLAY_10551_20160528_69's47th in 16_Clay McEldowney '69 child'40 and Zim Lawhon '40 Nassau Hall Lawn preP-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10553_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pinky McEldowney_Maureen Marston_Chuck Freyer'69_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10555_20160528_69's47th in 16_Chuck Freyer'69_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10556_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pinky McEldowney_Anne Charrier_Maureen Marston_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10559_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jamie Blackburn '08_Zoe_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10561_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jay Blackburn _P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10562_20160528_69's47th in 16_Brooke & MaryBeth Stoddard '69 _P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10565_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jamie'08 and Zoe Blackburn _P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10567_20160528_69's47th in 16_Jane and JimGregoire_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10570_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pinky_AndyBrown'69_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10574_20160528_69's47th in 16.JPG
CLAY_10575_20160528_69's47th in 16.JPG
CLAY_10576_20160528_69's47th in 16_Susan Annible_Pinky_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10578_20160528_69's47th in 16_Pres Chris Eisbruber_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10579_20160528_69's47th in 16_SandyRea_DanHarman'69_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10582_20160528_69's47th in 16.JPG
CLAY_10586_20160528_69's47th in 16_Stephanie Judson_SandyRea_'69_P-Rade.JPG
CLAY_10592_20160528_69's47th in 16_Lou and X Shannon'69.JPG
David Fisher and Leo Roomets with Peacock Crossing - 1.jpg
Four Petersons.jpg
Katzenjammers at Class Dinner.jpg
Kitto Addresses the Raucus Troops.jpg
The Spirit of the '60s Lives.jpg
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