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  May 20-23

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43rd Reunion 2012

Group Shot at Friday Barbecue (Color).jpg
Group Shot at Friday Barbecue (B&W).jpg
Jean Telljohann, Fisher and the Crystal Tiger
Fisher receiving award.jpg
David Fisher's acceptance
David and Etel Fisher with Charrier.jpg
Etel Fisher with Durkee
Sandy Rea
Marstons and Hockenberrys
Mertz, Rea, Charrier
Mike and Tertia Kiesel
Lewis and Gregoire
Pinky McEldowney and Jane Gregoire
Assini with Judy Freyer
Rea, Sittenfeld, Handzo
Kaplan, McEldowney
Marcy Lewis
Pinky McEldowney with Gregoires
Pre-P-rade lunch conversations
Leigh Harman, Sittenfeld, Marcy Lewis
Leigh, Pinky, Jane and Judy on the Gardner bench
Rea, McEldowney, Gregoire
Kiesels and Charrier
Durkee and class at P-Rade
Sheldon explains
Lou Shannon
Rea and Harman
Assini with Nancy Sullivan
Saturday dinner in the '56 Lounge
Getting seated
Service award recipients, Etel Fisher and Durkee
Aiglee and John Burgess with Stephanie Judson and Lewises
Shannons with McEldowney
Bott, Kehr, Hanle, McEldowney, Lewis
Harman, Rea, Sittenfeld
Bott and McEldowney
Brooke and Marybeth Stoddard
Marstons and Hockenberrys
Johnson, Kehr, Reaven and Burgess
Lewises and Gregoire
Gehrets, Mertz and Hooper
Weidners and the '57 bus
Rea leads Locomotive for 75th
Spirits of the '60s
McEldowney '69 Tiny Morgan '66
Stephanie Judson & Maureen Marston
Sandy Rea
Jim Gregoire
Hoagie lunch in the '69 Garden
Rick Kitto, Dan Harman
Curt Kehr, Jeff Kaplan
George Handzo, Brooke Stoddard
Bob Axelrod, Dick Bott
Hooper and Gehrets
Paul Sittenfeld
Seva Kramer
Jeff Sprowls
'69 assembles for the P-rade
Jamie Blackburn ’07 and Maureen Marston
Jamie ’07 & Victoria Blackburn
Sittenfeld and Christy Wise
Jeff Marston
Roger Fingerlin
Clay & Pinky McEldowney69
C Bott '13
CLAY_2703c Sandy Rea Shirley Tilghman.jpg
CLAY_2711c Jeff Marston.jpg
CLAY_2712c Andy Brown.jpg
CLAY_2714c Niel Lewis.jpg
CLAY_2715c Susan McCarthy John Hanks.jpg
CLAY_2718c Murph & Susan McCarthy.jpg
CLAY_2719 Fireworks.JPG
CLAY_Charlotte Kivett Pinky Maureen Marston 2012-05-31.jpg
CLAY_Chip_Jerry 2012-05-31.jpg
CLAY_Marston_Jerry 2012-05-31.jpg
CLAY_Maureen Marston_Laura Holgate 87_Pinky 2012-06-01.jpg
CLK 1 X Shannon.jpg
CLK 11.jpg
CLK 12 Sittenfeld.jpg
CLK 13 Dan Harman.jpg
CLK 14 Marston.jpg
CLK 15 Kaplan and Anne Charrier.jpg
CLK 16.jpg
CLK 17.jpg
CLK 18 Sandy Rae.jpg
CLK 19 Floyd.jpg
CLK 2 Sandy Rae.jpg
CLK 20 Weidner.jpg
CLK 21 Durkee.jpg
CLK 22 Pyle.jpg
CLK 23.jpg
CLK 24 Charrier.jpg
CLK 25.jpg
CLK 26.jpg
CLK 27 Burgess.jpg
CLK 28 Sprowles.jpg
CLK 29 Gregoires.jpg
CLK 3 Mertz Burgess.jpg
CLK 30.jpg
CLK 31 Gehrets.jpg
CLK 32 Handzo.jpg
CLK 33 Wright.jpg
CLK 34 Harmans.jpg
CLK 35 Kaplan Bott.jpg
CLK 36 Sittenfeld.jpg
CLK 37 Mertz.jpg
CLK 38 Charrier Axelrod.jpg
CLK 39 Stoddard.jpg
CLK 4 Gehret Freeman.jpg
CLK 40 Burgess.jpg
CLK 41 Kaplan and Seva Kramer.jpg
CLK 42 Andy Brown.jpg
CLK 43.jpg
CLK 44.jpg
CLK 45.jpg
CLK 46.jpg
CLK 47.jpg
CLK 48 Reaven.jpg
CLK 49 Fireworks.jpg
CLK 5 Hanle.jpg
CLK 51 Fishers.jpg
CLK 6a Kitto.jpg
CLK 7 McEldowney.jpg
CLK 9 Kehr plus 2.jpg
Kaplan Handzo Kehr Stoddard.jpg
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