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45th Reunion 2014

Class of '69 45th Reunion

Dear Classmates,
I am happy to report that we had a truly memorable 45th Reunion.  The weather was as nice as those of us who live in Princeton can ever remember, and the outstanding Program put together by our reunions team led by Dan Harman went off without a hitch.  The only downside was that Bill and Anne Charrier, who had spent so much time working on behalf of the Class these past five years, were unable to attend because they were participating in the wedding of their niece in Charleston, SC.  We were continuously reminded of their efforts when we entered Holder Courtyard under the bright electric sign Anne designed and built.  We missed both of them, but Dick Bott filled in ably as emcee for the weekend.

For those of you who made it back to Princeton, thank you for coming.  I hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.  Close to 250 of you attended and our total attendance exceeded 500.  Normally attendance drops off 20% from the 40th to 45th, but our class almost attained the same level of participation as we had at our 40th, just one of many marks of our Class spirit.

To Classmates unable to attend, I will try to give you a sense of what took place starting from the beginning of the weekend. Click here to read the full report, and click here to read Tom Hudnut's moving homily from our Memorial Service.
Website banner for 45th Reunion year, 2013-14
45th Logo Sign by Anne Charrier
Hanle participates in Alumni-Faculty Forum on Climate Change
The Band plays for '69
The tiger tones gladly singing for the class of 69.
Tiger Tones new and old
Attending the PICS Video premier.jpg
Bott and Dalton.JPG
Charter Bus: John Hawkins, Terry Marsh
Bott receives President's Award
P-Rade high-5 for Marion Sleet
Eisgruber Charms the Class.jpg
Zaic et al.jpg
Posing for Class Photo.jpg
'40-'69SonsandDaughter_Cowen, Kitto, Judson, McEldowney.jpg
'69 can party.jpg
'69 Irresistible Force.jpg
George Handzo.jpg
006 Junior Jedi Class of 94 waiting for their turn in P-Rade.jpg
Patty Kaplan, George and Beth Handao, Bev Spencer at Saturday dinner
2 of the crew.jpg
69 !!!.jpg
Andy Brown.jpg
Assinis and Hudnuts.jpg
Attending to crisis of no generator for the P-Rade band.jpg
awww! Tom and Joan.jpg
Awwww Bison and Ann.jpg
Beuchner, Lindo, Savage.jpg
Bill and Marie Hardy w Chairman Dan.jpg
Blackburn, Marston, McEldowney Families.jpg
Bob Axelrod.jpg
Bott and Freyer awards.jpg
Cowen and McEldowney.jpg
Dan Harman in Charge!.jpg
Dancin' Sign - Version 2.jpg
Desert Island Companion.jpg
Fearless Leaders, fearlessly leading.jpg
Field, de Vienne, and Bott with emphasis on the better halves.jpg
Granny and Reba _ sweet!.jpg
Granny, always ready to party.jpg
Greg Bohart and John Modzelewski
Hritz and Danser.jpg
Hudnut gives homily.jpg
It Takes a Lot of People.jpg
Jane and Jim Gregoire.jpg
Jay Bestman and Pam Weinberger.jpg
Jerry Blavat with Cyndy Blackburn on Thursday night
Jim and Judy Kuzmick.jpg
Joan and Dick cutting the rug.jpg
Kaplan Ace Webmaster.jpg
Leigh and Dan.jpg
Leigh Harman and Photographer Kehr.jpg
Leigh standing out in the crowd.jpg
Lori and Fred from across the Pond.jpg
Lori Shearer.jpg
Low Net Winners Trudy and Gary Sykes, McCarthy, McEldowney
Marston and Feulner.jpg
McEldowney Twins Connor and Alivia and Mother Denise_V2.jpg
McEldowney, Thomforde.jpg
McEldowney and McCarthy
Mike and Joellyn McCory.jpg
Note the Secondary Neckware.jpg
Nothing Stops George Boggs.jpg
OD'd on beads ( Fisher clan again ).jpg
Oh Oh! Kaplan at hand, it's ok..jpg
Okerson, Jones, Whitehead, Nierenberg.jpg
Our Very Own Band.jpg
Paul Hanle on Climate Change.jpg
Peter Hooper and Nancy Sullivan
Pinky and Clay McEldowney.jpg
Railsback, Savage, McEldowney, Evans.jpg
Randy Evans and Bison Brown.jpg
Rick Gallup
Pensak family Saturday dinner.jpg
Rosemary and Alan Meyers.jpg
Kathy and Ali Pensak, Jeff and Patty Kaplan Sat_dinner.jpg
Savage, Young, McEldowneyV2.jpg
Scott Kruse.jpg
Tertia and Mike, Dan and Leigh.jpg
Thacher and Lloyd Brown.jpg
Thacher Wine huh__.jpg
The Anne Sign.jpg
The Bill Fisher Clan.jpg
The Fishers always Stand Out.jpg
The Future.jpg
The Harmans ( thnx Victoria for you ongoing help ).jpg
The One and Only.jpg
The Unsinkable Terry Hill.jpg
The Wine Man is everywhere.jpg
Carol Lipsitch (Figlewski) and Tina Fox
Tom and Joan Weidner.jpg
Victoria and Leigh harman.jpg
Wine Chairman Wilson.jpg
Bill Hardy
Leigh Harman
Stephanie Judson
Stephanie deSibour
Walt Walne
Dan Harman
Bruce Eckman
Frank Dalton
Ken Mertz
Steve Lindo
Jim Floyd
Emily Tepe
President Eisgruber getting the vest from Jim Floyd, Marc Miller and Dick Bott
Jim Floyd with President Eisgruber
jim Gregoire
Dick Bott
John Draper
Jeff von Arx
Lynn Shostack
Peter Hooper and Curt Kehr
Betsy Sittenfeld
John Tepe
Sandy Rea
Gabrielle Silverlight
Barry Silverlight
Elaine Silverlight
John Carter
Thacher Brown
Lloyd Brown
Bob Durkee
Yvonne and Woody McClelland
Shearwood McClelland and Ivonne Thornton (photo by Melvin McCray '74)
Lynn, Annie and Randy Evans
Charter Bus in the P-rade: (l-r) Ron Hockett, Jim Waterbury, John Hawkins, Terry Marsh
Chris Thomforde at the P-Rade
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