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South Africa 2018

Our man in South Africa: Steve Kennedy
Prequel group at Apartheid Museum
Reception table, opening night in Cape Town
Museum of Contemporary Art Africa.jpg
Champagne toast on Table Mountain, Cape Town. From left: Susan Anable, X. Shannon, Marie Hardy, Lou Shannon
JK11Walter & Albertina Sisulu in the Long March to Freedom.jpg
JK12Prequel group with Jo.jpg
JK13p.Christy Wise & Bob Axlerod.jpg
JK14p.Andy Brown & Bonnie Post.jpg
JK15Outside the Apartheid Museum.jpg
JK16p.Bonnie, Bill, Andy, Rick, Anne, Bob, with guides in the entry of the Apartheid Museum, Jo'Burg.jpg
JK18Joburg Street Art.jpg
JK20p.Open air restaurant in Jo'Burg, Bonnie, Andy, Bill, Anne, Hattie.jpg
JK21Welcome sign at Table Bay Hotel.jpg
JK23c.Opening night in Cape Town.jpg
JK24c.Table Bay Hotel, opening night, Lloyd and Barbie.jpg
JK25c.Christy Wise & Ken Mertz.jpg
JK26c.Table Bay Hotel, opening night, X, Bison and Jack.jpg
JK27c.Chris & Austin.jpg
JK28c.Table Bay Hotel, opening night, Etel, Ann and Andy.jpg
JK29c.Table Bay Hotel, opening night, Emily, Bonnie and Cathy.jpg
JK2p.Bill and Anne Charrier, in Atlanta waiting for flight to Jo'burg.jpg
JK30p.Table Bay Hotel, opening night, Chris and Rick.jpg
JK31c.Chris & Cathy.jpg
JK32c.Zeitz MOCAA (Museum of Contemporary Art Africa), Chris, Bison, Andy, Thatcher, Rick and Steve.jpg
JK33c.Zetiz MOCAA, Cape Town, from the left, Ann, Bonnie, Sue, Steve, Andy, Thatcher, Cathy, Chris, Susan, Rick.jpg
JK34c.Roof top of Zeitz MOCAA with Cathy, Thatcher, Rick, Lloyd, Susan and Steve (Table Mt in the background).jpg
JK35c.Champagne toast on Table Mtn.jpg
JK36c.Ross Wales on top of Table Mountain, Cape Town.jpg
JK37George, Christy, Anne & Bill Atop Table Mountain.jpg
JK38c.Top of Table Mt, Cape Town, Susa and Jack.jpg
JK39John Matisonn in St. George's Cathedral.jpg
JK3p.Bonnie, Andy, Rick.jpg
JK40c.Company Gardens, Cape Town, Jack, Bill, Susan, Bonnie, Ken, Rick, Carola, Roger.jpg
JK41c.Company Gardens, Roger, Lloyd, Rick, David, Etel.jpg
JK43Ken, Anne & Carola at Mount Nelson Gardens.jpg
JK44c.rest stop at False Bay, Hattie, Jim, Rick, Austin.jpg
JK45c.rest stop False Bay, Eric and Lindsay Johnson.jpg
JK46c.rest stop False Bay, Lloyd and Thatcher Brown.jpg
JK47c.False Bay, Marie and Bill.jpg
JK48c.rest stop False Bay, Emily and Dick Boenning.jpg
JK49c.False Bay, Lou, X, Susan and Jack.jpg
JK4p.J.J. and Steve, first dinner of Prequel in Jo'Burg.jpg
JK50c.False Bay, Roger and Barbie.jpg
JK51c.Class of 1969 and friends, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa.jpg
JK53African penguins on the beach.jpg
JK54c.prison at Robben Island, Cape Town, Bill, Steve Hattie, Rick David, Etel, George Lloye Thatch, Don.jpg
JK55c.the keys that unlocked Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island.jpg
JK57c.Emily and Dick at Gold's restaurant, Cape Town.jpg
JK58c.Roger at Gold's restaurant, Cape Town.jpg
JK59Dr. Christiaan Barnard's Operating Room.jpg
JK5p.Start of Prequel in Jo_burg.jpg
JK60Group at UCT.jpg
JK61c.'69 physics majors in front of the Department of Physics at the University of Capt Town, Eric, Bill and Bison.jpg
JK62c.Kathy and Tom Fleming, lunch break at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.jpg
JK63c.Kirstenbosch Gardens lunch, Hattie, Jim and JJ.jpg
JK64Protea at Kierstenbosch Gardens.jpg
JK65c.Elona Toska (P'05) and her family, Rick and Chris.jpg
JK66Morning Report from John Matisonn.jpg
JK67Taal Monument to the Afrikaans Language.jpg
JK68c.waiting for the megabus, Ross, Thatcher, Carola, JJ.jpg
JK69c.Boschendal Wine Estates, with Hattie, Carola, and wine master Ken Mertz.jpg
JK70A Good Morning at Boschendal.jpg
JK71Harvested grapes_.jpg
JK72c.Boschendal Wine Estate.jpg
JK73s.In front of Mandela statue at Drakenstein Prison, Bison and Ann.jpg
JK74s.outside Drakenstein Prison, Bob and Jim.jpg
JK75Anne & Bill at Drackenstein Prison.jpg
JK76s.the group at Drakenstein Prison.jpg
JK77Ann feeding the ostriches.jpg
JK78In Cango Caves.jpg
JK79Andy & Bonnie Get Wet at Plettenberg Bay.jpg
JK81Rick, Anne, Bill, Hattie, and Jim on the Indian Ocean.jpg
JK82s.stopping for lunch and to touch the Indian Ocean, Kathy, Emily, Cathy_.jpg
JK83s.X and Lou.jpg
JK84Bill at Storm River Mouth.jpg
JK85s.Tom and Kathy, Tsitsikamma National Park.jpg
JK88Cape Zebra.jpg
JK8Voortrekker Wagons.jpg
JK90'69 on the Hunt.jpg
JK91Celebration at Amakhala.jpg
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