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51st Reunion, 2020
  May 28-31
52nd Reunion, 2021

  May 27-30

53rd Reunion, 2022

  May 19-22


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Seva Kramer Tribute Dinner

Seva and Sue Greenberg, Exec. Director of Lawyers for Children
Jane and Jim Gregoire and Bob Wolfe
Bill and Anne Charrier, Rick Kitto, Chuck Freyer and Seva
Bill and Anne Charrier, Rick Kitto, Chuck Freyer and Seva
Bill, Seva, Cynthia Cherrey, Princeton University Vice President for Campus Life
Bill and Anne Charrier, Rick Kitto, Chuck Freyer and Seva
Seva and Chris Kitto
Shirley Wu '15 former PICS intern and member PICS Student Advisory Council, Seva, Augusta Powell '15 incoming PICS intern for Lawyers for Children, Abril Loya '14 former intern for Lawyers for Children and member PICS Student Advisory Council
Laura Spence-Ash, former PICS program coordinator, and Seva
Board members Jim Floyd and Bruce Hillman with Seva
Richard Just '01 former PICS intern and founder of PICS partner organization Princeton Summer Journalism Program, Seva, Jim Floyd
Bottom row from left: Bob Wolfe '69, Tom Weidner '69, Sandy Rea '69 Chip Jerry '69, Eve Lesser '77, Jim Gregoire '69, Bob Andre '69 Middle row from left: John Draper '69, Bill Charrier '69, Anne Charrier' s'69, Rick Kitto '69, Hayden Smith, '69 Chuck Freyer '69, KathyGaffney s'69, Ralph Binder '70, Dina Brewer '88 Top row from left: Jim Floyd '69, Steve Houck '69, Bob Hillman '69, Bob Loveman '69, Sue McSorley '77, Jeff Marston '69
Bill Charrier and Seva
Seva receives her gift
Seva and Claus Frank
Seva and Chuck Freyer
Jeri Schaefer, new Executive Director
Claus Frank with Bill and Anne Charrier
Seva with Rick Kitto and Claus Frank
Seva with Rick Kitto
Seva with Rick Kitto, Claus Frank and Annette Berman
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