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55th Reunion!


  May 23-26, 2024


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Celebrate the 150th Anniversary of College Football

Princeton-Dartmouth at Yankee Stadium: Saturday, November 9, 3:30PM


For those of you with a well-developed love for football, we have the opportunity to attend a special event to recognize Princeton's central role in the 150th season of college football – namely a game against DARTMOUTH at YANKEE STADIUM on Saturday, November 9th at 3:30 PM.  A link to the Athletic Department’s promo for this event can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ca-MitARx4Y.  Tickets for this are not part of the season packages, and so the Class has purchased a block of 30 tickets.


No More Tickets Available


How do I receive my tickets?

The easiest way is to find Rick Kitto during Harvard Weekend, preferably at our Class Dinner or pre-game tailgate party, and he'll hand them to you.  If that doesn't happen, he'll mail them to you (hence the need for your address on the sign-up form).


Are there any other event-related activities?

The intent of the Class Officers is to take advantage of the arrangements made by the Athletic Department for all Princeton fans at the Dugout Bar (880 River Avenue in the Bronx, just across River Avenue on the southeast side of the Stadium).  We'll assemble there sometime around 1:00 PM for an a la carte lunch before the game.

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